Aerospace Engineer Job Search Tips

Aerospace engineer job searches should be carefully conducted, particularly for experienced engineers. This is one of the most technically advanced of all professions, meaning aerospace engineers work in a limited employment market. The aerospace industry can be extremely erratic, in employment terms. The aerospace industry is very sensitive to capital investment, contracts and other related industries, like the airline and defense industries. The number and types of jobs available fluctuate a lot in this employment market, and you need to know your way around the industry and the job market.

Job Search Issues

In career terms, there’s an equation which tends to affect career options: The number of jobs available for these highly qualified engineers tends to be a lot less than the numbers of people who want those jobs. This is a commercial jobs market, and your job search has to focus on:

  • Career positioning: The career dynamics of aerospace engineering are unambiguous. Career progression means getting the good jobs, where you can develop your professional credentials. To get to the top of this career, you have to be the best.
  • Specialization issues: Specialization in your preferred field can give you your dream career, but it can also narrow your job options. In technical jobs, it’s advisable to have a few portable skills which can overlap into other areas for employment purposes, as well as the professional reasons.

Finding the Best Jobs

Job search for aerospace engineers can fortunately be simplified by concentrating on the technical aspects and basic categories of the preferred jobs. Search using the combinations of the appropriate engineering categories, like:

  • Structural
  • Communications
  • Military
  • Helicopter
  • Aerodynamics
  • Thermodynamics
  • Instrumentation

As long as the search isn’t too broad, you should home in on your job easily. Keep adding specific qualifiers, and remove anything which is generating too many results until you get the search terms right. One of the most critically important, neglected and routinely overlooked of all aerospace engineering jobs is the training role. This job is vital to the industry, and it’s vital for the necessary high standards of professional training. As a career option, it’s also essential experience, providing credentials for jobs where you need to prove your ability to train, academic and research work.

Other Types of Job Search

  • Networking: This avenue of job search may provide valuable leads, if you have the necessary contacts in the industry. That’s not always the case, because of the nature of the industry, where sub contracting tends to dilute the job options. Specialists and designers, however, can usually find people in the industry who can help.
  • Cold canvassing: This is primarily useful for getting some exposure with major employers. It can also give you useful information about hiring in these gigantic corporations. These employers are the top of the career ladder, and should be considered benchmark job types for career progression.
  • Consultancies: These consultancies can be good options, particularly for experts and those who are familiar with top of the range designs and technology. Work in this area provides network contacts, as well as very good credentials in terms of working on major projects.