Aircraft Mechanic Job Search Tips

Aircraft mechanic job search is often a frustrating process, because of the range of “aircraft mechanic” job ads which don't always distinguish one type of aircraft mechanic job from another until you’ve actually read the job descriptions. These jobs are also scattered all over the country, and you may need an atlas to help you find out where they are. The  aircraft mechanic job market, like the rest of the aviation industry, tends to reflect the industry’s ups and downs.

General Online Searches for an Aircraft Mechanic Job

With technical jobs, the best option is to use search terms which only apply to the jobs you want. The problem with “aircraft mechanic” as a job search term is that it will find literally every job title with those words. You may be looking at 20 pages of search results, with only 5 jobs you actually want.

Do not use generic terms in your job search. If you’re looking for a specific field of work, use words like “structural” or some other related term to exclude the unwanted results. Classes of aircraft are also good, particularly if you do helicopters or other specialist work.

Stage Two of your job search involves checking the job descriptions. You’ll notice that many aircraft mechanic job ads look very much the same. They are; in fact some are identical. They’re written by the same agencies, so you’re seeing the same sort of job, just in a different location, in most cases.

The good news about these standard ads is that even if they’re not what you want, the agencies advertising are specialists in the industry. Keep an eye out for any ads by these agencies in your field. Even bookmark their links because they may have exactly what you need.

Aviation Sites

The aviation specialist job sites are often much better than the big job boards for ad quality. The jobs are better categorized, and the searches are simpler. One of the bigger U.S. aviation job sites is Aviation Employment, and you can find literally hundreds of aircraft mechanic jobs on this site. You’ll also see the job descriptions are a bit easier to find. That’ll save you time reading through the links.

Aviation Employment also has a long list of aviation job advertisers, which is another useful way of keeping track of advertisers in your specialty. Some of these employers are big, too, like North American Airlines, Aerotek, and others.

 Other Options for Your Aircraft Mechanic Job Search

As an aircraft mechanic, you have one major advantage: Your portable job skills translate across the entire industry. You may be looking in the wrong place for the best jobs. As a mechanic, you can also work in manufacturing, aerospace, and some of the more advanced jobs in these areas, if you’re a senior mechanic.