Airline Pilot Job Networking Tips

If you dream of flying the friendly skies, perhaps an airline pilot job should be in your future.

An airline pilot is not necessarily limited to flying for a commercial airline but has other options where he can spread his wings so to speak. There are some specific paths and steps needed in order to become an airline pilot first whether it’s with a large carrier or simply as a private pilot.


You will need to attend a flight school, rack up the required flying hours, be certified and in some cases have a 4-year college degree depending on where you choose to apply. You will also need to be accredited by the Federal Aviation Administration also known as the FAA.

Once you have your credentials there are a number of places and ways to network to help you live your dream as a pilot.

Flight Schools

Stay in touch with the flight school where you learn to fly and earn your needed flight hours. Keep in contact with instructors and other key personnel whom you met at the school or during other visitations. You can also ask if the school is hiring any pilots in the near future or see if they can put you on a wait list or alert you when an opening comes up.

Commercial Carriers

You can apply with larger, commercial carriers via their websites, as well as through their human resources department.

Find a Recruiter

A recruiter may be able to find you a high-end piloting job such as serving as a private pilot for someone other than a large carrier. A private pilot is often needed by small companies, CEOs, celebrities, and others who fly for business on a regular basis and may own their own planes.

Job Fairs

Attend job fairs that are listed or advertised in your local newspapers. Most job fairs or career fairs as these events are often dubbed have a variety of booths with representatives of large companies, schools and the like looking for new recruits.

Ask a Pilot

If you know a pilot, ask him directly if he can help you get your foot in the door with the career you seek. Chances are he knows many people in the transportation industry and can offer ideas and suggestions that you might not have considered.

Peruse Newspapers

Many local newspapers carry advertisements for career openings in the airlines industry, so check often and more than on Sundays.

Military Pilot

If your dream is to fly in the military, you can head to your local recruiter and where you can ask about the pilot program. They will suggest and/or make recommendations on how you can become a military pilot and what credentials you will need. B forewarned, military pilots need more certifications and credentials than a commercial pilot.

Web Search

Another place to look specifically for aviation jobs is via the Internet where you might find all kinds of information from schools to classified ad listings geared toward  those interested in the transportation industry.

Other Options

A pilot can also fly a helicopter for a hospital, TV station, traffic control, or United States Coast Guard. Be sure to check with each entity to find out what specific credentials and certifications you will need before applying.