Animation Internship Guidelines

An animation internship is a rare opportunity for those starting out, and for professionals too. An internship program can offer a chance to work with some of the biggest names in media, like DreamWorks, Disney, Adobe, Warner Bros. and even the Mayo Clinic. You can work with the world’s best and get paid for it.

Finding an Animation Internship

You may find a lot of internships advertised online, and they vary considerably. Animation may be part of the position or a major component. Some are hybrid graphic and animator jobs, or multimedia-based with animation a part of the job, depending on projects. Many of these positions are web-based, using major platforms like Flash, Adobe Illustrator, QuarkXPress and others.

Your prospective animation internship may offer pay, no pay or academic credits. Some internship providers offer a choice of payment or credits. You have no guarantee of getting a job through an internship, but you will receive valuable assistance with your own development. You will also get a good look at the animation industry.

Animation is an extremely competitive area of modern art, and the internship can also give you a competitive advantage as a credential when you search for jobs. You may also secure helpful professional references from internship providers and contacts who can tell your prospective employers about your technical skills.

Evaluating an Animation Internship

The mixed set of choices requires you to research in order to find the internship which best meets your needs. If possible, you should talk directly to the internship provider, preferably one of the technical people who’s involved in the work or the manager concerned with the internship. Talking to one of these people allows you to discuss the job at the right professional level. Find out what the animation internship can provide in terms of career skills and development.

The commercial environment is extremely important in animation. It defines the scope of your work during the internship program. Research the provider’s materials before you apply for the program.

You need to check the following aspects thoroughly:

  • The animation content and technical standards
  • The type of animation products which form the core business of the employer
  • The style and quality of the artistic materials
  • Their animation techniques (including use of color, backgrounds and other fundamental animation characteristics), which indicate the provider’s basic production modes and form a good reference to the real requirements of the position

Interviewing for an Animation Internship

The big issues in an animation internship are your core competencies. The best way to approach the interview is as a professional presentation. You can use your prior work experience, training and your portfolio as part of your presentation to prove your skills. Show your strongest materials so you look competitive during the interview.

Internship interview questions will focus primarily on meeting the technical needs of the position. Consequently you should observe these tips:

  • Integrate your portfolio with the essential requirements of the job.
  • Every part of your presentation should relate clearly to the position requirements.
  • You’ll also need to be able to give technical specifications for your work in relation to the animation, to show your depth of skills.