Applying for a TEFL job.

Must a person apply for a TEFL job before going overseas?
It depends on the country, for instance the Taiwan employers prefer a personal interview before hiring you. You do stand a better chance of getting work as a teacher when you are already in the country, although many online recruiters assist in job placement even before you land in the foreign country. If you plan to apply from your home country, you can make use of one of the many TEFL or ESL job web sites.

When is the best time to apply for a TEFL job?
Most ESL or EFL schools hire teachers throughout the year. It does however depend on the country's school holiday periods and it is best to find out when the country's school holidays starts.

How long are the contracts?
Most of the companies and schools require a one year employment contract, although you should be able to get shorter contracts if you are already in the country. Some government institutions require a minimum period of 24 months.

Work hours
Normal school days from Monday to Friday apply and the hours vary from 20 to 30 hours a week. Paid holidays are normally provided for six weeks but you may get non-paid vacation but a higher hour wage.

The countries pay the teacher in the home currency. The wages are not enough for huge savings in most countries, though you may earn enough in some of the Asian countries to make a living and still save some money.

Tax considerations when you apply for a TEFL job
Tax is payable to the local tax authority of the country where you work.

Many schools arrange teacher accommodation and some may even assist through subsidies. In most cases these type of housing entails sharing a house with other EFL teachers.

Medical insurance
Only a few schools provide medical insurance plans.

What are the visa and residence paper requirements?
All countries require work and resident permits for foreigners. Even though many English teachers work abroad without the legal papers, it is not recommended since it is a criminal offence with stiff penalties.

Can the relatives go with you?Married people are allowed to take their spouses and children, although the spouse will not be allowed to work unless he or she is also a teacher. You however, must have a legal work visa. The teacher salary may also not be enough to support your family. You need a resident permit for your children and may also find that expensive private education will be needed.

Who are the learners?
The learners can be as young as 2 years old, or primary school children, high school learners, students, and businessmen.

How to obtain the work permit when you apply for a TEFL job
You first need a job offer and your employer will then assist you with work permit application.