Audiologist Job Search Tips

The audiologist job is not only financially rewarding, but is emotionally satisfying as well. You are using your skill to help patients enjoy life more. The audiology field is also expected to grow substantially over the next decade, as aging baby boomers develop hearing problems. The jobs are there. In this article, we'll provide some tips for finding them.

Professional Organizations

There are several powerful professional organizations in audiology that can help you not only find employment in the field, but also provide ways for you to increase your knowledge and make yourself more marketable. The American Speech Language Hearing Association (ASHA) is the largest of these. ASHA's website is a tremendous source of resources. You can find listings of hospitals and employers looking for audiologists as well as continuing education courses and even job search tips. It's worth pointing out that by 2012 audiologists will be required to have a doctoral degree in order to be certified. If you do not have a doctor's designation, you will need to start studying for one now! ASHA can help you find audiologist jobs, a local chapter is likely close by.

Two other organizations that can offer similar aid. The American Academy of Audiology and the Academy of Doctors of Audiology can also provide assistance in finding work.

The federal government and Armed Forces employ many audiologists in various departments and often can provide openings. Some government agencies that actively seek audiologists include the following:

  • National Institution for Deafness and Other Clinical Disorders
  • National Institutes of Health
  • Department of Health and Human Services
  • Administration for Children and Families
  • plus all branches of the Armed Forces

Each state has its own version of the above agencies and many also seek trained audiologists. All of these government agencies have websites and toll-free numbers where they can be contacted.

Using the Internet

Many job seekers today use the World Wide Web to find employment and audiologists are no exception. There are literally hundreds of websites where you can browse available jobs. One of the best of these is The site is extremely easy to use and can use a number of methods such as location, salary and specialty to find the exact audiology job to suite your needs.

The internet is also a way for audiologists to market themselves to customers and clients. The creation of a personalized business web page can help any medical professional advertise their services. An attractively designed page can garner thousands of views, and thousands of potential customers. 

Personal Networking

Although the internet is a wonderful tool for job hunting, good old-fashioned personal contact and networking still provide many jobs. As you trained to become an audiologist, you studied and worked with many professional of all kinds. Keep in contact with these people to "catch wind" of any good audiology opportunities. Former patients can also provide tips. And of course, the educational institutions you received your schooling at are terrific sources of job leads. You should check these more "personal" sources of information before relying on strictly technological means.

Audiology is a great profession and with diligence and preparation, you can be a strong part of it!