Bank Teller Job Search Tips

If you are seeking employment in the banking industry, chances are good that you will start with a bank teller job. This is the gateway to a future in banking. Here are some important tips to keep in mind when trying to land that job as a bank teller.

A neat and professional appearance is a must. You are representing the bank--it's no place for sloppiness or casual wear. If you are uncertain about what is required, err on the side of caution. If you are a man, be sure to wear a tie. If you are a woman, a conservative blouse and skirt or a suit is recommended.

Make sure you have a basic familiarity with the functions of a bank teller. Do some research if necessary. Learn about some of the financial transactions a teller does. You must also be computer literate. You will not be expected to be an expert, but it certainly helps if you know the basics.

There are certain personal characteristics a bank teller must possess: honesty, politeness and the ability to multi-task. Make sure you emphasize that you have these qualities. No bank teller can succeed without them.

If you have no problem with any of the above requirements, you can begin your search for a bank teller job in earnest. Determine whether you would prefer to work at a smaller local bank or one of the larger regional or national chains. The smaller banks will likely be more relaxed, but the big chains will have more opportunity for advancement.

The want-ad section of a newspaper is a good place to look for bank positions. An even better bet would be to go online. Every bank has a website, and these websites almost always have a "careers" section with available jobs. If you're not sure of an exact web address for a particular bank, just "Google" that bank's name, and that should take you right to a link.

Whether you are filling out a paper application or an online one, make sure you answer everything accurately and completely. The hiring bank will check your credit and past work history. It is definitely an advantage if you have customer service or money handling experience in your background. An unfortunate truth is that having no prior experience or bad credit puts you at a disadvantage. However, it is not an insurmountable one. Always emphasize the positive aspects of your application and resume. State that you are willing to learn.

If you are called for an interview, congratulations! You are almost to your goal, but not quite. Remember the tips for conservative dress and appearance mentioned above when you arrive for your interview. Get there early but not excessively so. You can expect to be asked questions like how you would deal with a difficult customer or how you would handle a cash discrepancy. Consider your answers carefully. Banks are looking for tact and the ability to juggle different tasks, so keep this in mind.

A job as a bank teller can be rewarding and lead to greater opportunities. Good luck in your search!