Beginners with little teaching experience often find positions easily in Asia where the salaries are low, while industrialized Asian countries like Korea and Japan offer competitive salaries.

  • Recent Graduates with no International Teaching Experience: Take teacher training classes and travel to countries where you would like to work, so you can visit local schools and language centers to either volunteer or find paid positions.
  • Experienced Teachers with no International Teaching Experience: Even though you are an experienced teacher, you must be able to convey that you will excel in the international environment.
  • Two or More years International Teaching Experience: Show your letters of reference and build a network of international contacts with each position.

Searching Jobs
Focus your search on two or three countries and base your choices on where you are likely to get a job; personal contacts; and on relevant job experience and qualifications.

Personal Contacts and Networks
Take advice from someone who has worked in the country where you would like to work. Impress potential employers with your knowledge of international working and living conditions.

Direct Inquiries
Very few schools advertise in foreign newspapers. Most depend on local advertisements, personal contacts or direct approaches. The local phone directory is a good source and can be found at the local embassy or consulate.

Job Boards and Advertisements
The most popular on-line job board for English teaching jobs is Dave's ESL Cafe, where it is possible to post your resume as well as search for international teaching positions. The Times Educational Supplement, the International Educator and the TESOL Bulletin are a good source of international teaching jobs. International newspapers like the Globe and Mail, New York Times and Manchester Guardian also list jobs.

Recruiting Fairs and Agencies
Job fairs are the best way to find an international teaching position as many international schools will not hire without a formal interview and it is important to attend these.

While Living Abroad
It is possible to find a job internationally without doing a preliminary search in your home country. If you are the spouse of an international employee, you can find a teaching position once you have settled down in your new environment. It is advisable to take your academic qualifications, professional credentials, letters of reference and recommendations with you. You must make use of your spouse's business community to network and find positions.

While Traveling Abroad
Before you leave on an overseas vacation, collect information on schools that you can visit and arrange for an interview. Be open to teaching new subjects, varied work schedules and flexible pay scales.

International teaching positions are extremely varied based on your experience and qualifications. There are positions available at every level and to find them you must be diligent in your research and networking, attend job-fairs and keeping an open mind.