Being interviewed by a Korean interviewer

When you are taking part in an interview for a position in Korea there are several things that you will need to keep in mind. The fact is Korea is a bit different than the states when it comes to how it handles business affairs, especially the job interview. Normally you would have a relaxed feeling when it comes to the interview and there is a feeling that you are in control when you are taking part in such activities in the states and other countries, but that is not the case in the Korean interview. Korea interview advice speaks directly to the things that need to be considered when this occurs. Keep in mind that Asian countries are a little bit different when it comes to the way they handle personal meetings. The traditions and cultures of the country come into direct play when you are meeting with someone from Korea. Korea interview advice dictates that you need to understand all of the cultures and traditions that remain in force for a company who you plan to meet with. This will ensure that you do not insult the people with whom you meet in any way. Any deviation from the tradition in which they do business is considered an insult to them so you should take that into consideration before entering into the interview with them.

First and foremost in the Korea interview advice would be how you plan to dress. Only during certain festivals do the people of Korea dress in anything other than completely conservative attire. This means that you will need to make sure that anything you plan to wear is not flashy or above the norm. For men, Korea interview advice dictates that you wear a dark colored suit that is not mixed with anything that could be viewed as poor.

Use a light colored shirt, preferably white. This will keep you well within the limits of how the company does their personal business. Black or dark blue are the safest colors to go with for a suit. If you pay close attention to the people of the country you will notice that most if not all of the business men wear suits of this color. You should also be sure that your tie is toned down. Wear no tie that could be construed as child like. Make sure the color is not bold and that it blends well with the color of suit that you are wearing.

Women should be equally as conservative. Korea interview advice says that you should never wear bright colors. This is considered very rude in the country when it is time to do business. Always make sure that you do not wear a sleeveless blouse either. The showing of skin by a woman breaks a lot of the rules as they apply to culture and you do not want to make a poor impression. It could make your ethics or morals come into question should you break this rule.

Korea interview advice also says that you should be on time if not early. Leave the place you are staying in plenty of time lest you get caught in poor weather or traffic. It is considered highly rude to be late for anything in Korea and being late for a job interview can be disastrous for you.

Always be modest when speaking about your experience or skills. There is no room for bragging or boasting in the Korea culture. Talk with confidence but make sure that you use the proper tone of voice. Do not extend a hand for shaking. Culture dictates that personal contact is reserved for those whom you are only closely related or friendly with.