Books: Mature Job Seekers

Prime Time: How Baby-Boomers Will Revolutionize Retirement and Transform America
Author: Marc Freedman;
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'The Work Connection was inspired, in part, by Peter DiCicco's con that labor unions needed to think bigger, to range beyond the narrow objective of...'
Age Discrimination by Employers
Author: Kerry Segrave;
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In 1907, the editor of The New York Times wrote, 'Employers, naturally, look to the young. A man or woman of advanced years is too apt to be given to old-fashioned ways of doing things, and open to suspicion of having the unforgivable fault, in modern business, of slowness.
Age Discrimination in the American Workplace: Old at a Young Age
Author: Raymond F. Gregory;
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'Employers commonly make decisions affecting older workers that assume these workers are no longer capable of performing adequately...'
Age Power: How the 21st Century Will Be Ruled by the New Old
Author: Ken Dychtwald;
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'America is becoming a 'gerontocracy' and four outcomes are certain: 1. More of us will live longer than in any previous generation; 2. The epicenter...'
Age Works: What Corporate America Must Do to Survive the Graying of the Workforce
Author: Beverly Goldberg;
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'The demographics of the baby boom point to a future in which there will be a much older workforce-one that may be far too small...'
The Power Years: A User's Guide to the Rest of Your Life
Author: Ken Dychtwald, Daniel J. Kadlec;
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The Power Years is your step-by-step guide to repowerment and personal reinvention after forty.
Resumes for the 50+ Job Hunter
Author: VGM Career Horizons;
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This book presents a rather small and general guide and workbook for writing resumes, for people of ALL ages and ALL walks of life.
The Third Age: Six Principles of Growth and Renewal After Forty
Author: William Alan Sadler;
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Publisher: Perseus Publishing; New Ed edition (February 2001)