Canada work permit

Every year more than 2 million emigrants from all over the world flock to Canada. The Canada emigration system is also based on points like the UK system. When a few years ago the minimum required was 75 points, today this has been reduced to 67 in September 2003. The following factors will be taken into consideration while processing your work permit/ visa to Canada:

  • Education (25 points maximum) ? here each educational qualification is accorded a point such as one-year diploma is worth 15 points and a three-year diploma is 22 points and so on
  • Knowledge of French/ English (24 points maximum) ? where your ability to speak, read and write are assessed.
  • Experience (21 points maximum) ? the point system will take into consideration the jobs that are high on the demand list for Canada and your experience in those areas
  • Age (10 points maximum) ? the best age bracket is 21-49 for which you will be accorded the full 10 points.
  • Employment arrangements (10 points maximum) ? if you already have landed a job as per the approved list of the HRDC you will be accorded the full 10 points.
  • Adaptability ? this is measured by judging the fit of the people (especially the spouse) in the stay in Canada of the main applicant
  • You will also need to show a certain amount of financial strength that falls between US -24000 depending upon the size of the family you have.

    In order to get a skilled worker visa (one of the easiest ways to migrate to Canada) you will need to meet the following requirements:

    • Have the minimum work experience necessary
    • Have sufficient stand-by funds for the initial re-settling
    • Qualify for the visa by earning the minimum necessary points
    • Have the requisite language skills (qualify in the language tests according to the Canadian benchmarks)

    Your visa application will pass through a six level selection test after qualifying the point system mentioned above.

    Another way to gain entry in Canada is through the Business Immigration Visa. Here, you will have to prove that you have sufficient funds to start a business in Canada, which can contribute to the economy of the country, besides supporting you and your family (if applicable). The Visa authorities will consider the business plan and if found feasible, the visa will be issued to you. There are three categories here:

    • Investors ? you will need to show that you have the required experience to run the business you want to establish in Canada and you have the capacity to invest a minimum of Canadian ,000. Your business in India (or your total worth) should not be less than Canadian ,000.
    • Entrepreneurs ? For this category you should also prove your expertise and experience in the proposed enterprise. You should also show a net personal worth of Canadian ,000 which you could invest in Canada
    • Self-employment ? Here you should prove that you have the required skills to be self-employed in Canada in such a way that you can create wealth for self and Canada. You will be expected to be able to buy a farm and manage it successfully.

    Good news ? The Quebec Government has a special visa plan where it can decide on who can avail of a visa as per their own time-to-time requirements. This visa does not go through any of the pre-requisites of Canadian visa (such as point systems or six level assessment). The emphasis here will be on who will be able to adapt best to the life style in Quebec. This is a good place to start you journey to Canada.

    Those who already have a job offer in the seven positions mentioned below do not need the employer apply for permit from the HRDC:

    • MIS systems software designer
    • Embedded systems software designer
    • Telecommunication software designer
    • Multimedia software designer
    • Senior animation effects editor
    • Software developer - services
    • Software products developer

    Things you should know while applying for a job:

    • It is illegal to be asked your age, nationality, marital status, religion, number of dependants, race. Do not include these aspects in your CV / resume
    • Transferable skills are not obvious to the employer; argue your case clearly as how you are fit for the job
    • Send a perfectly tailor-made cover letter which will speak about your achievements, capacity and fit to the job
    • Inform that you have applied for visa
    • When applying for a job go totally out on it ? is possible fax or courier the application and then follow up with a mail
    • A British accent can be a great advantage
    • Offer to give references on request
    • Write your education qualifications reverse order (the highest on the top most)
    • Write your experience in descending chronological order (add brief description against each job)
    • Keep the CV/resume to one page if possible ? should not exceed two pages

    The speed of getting your first interview will be mostly based on providing good testimonials. Hence, collect as many as you can from everyone you come in touch with and can give a worthy testimonial.