Career Advice on finding jobs in developing countries

Nowhere on earth is perfect and things rarely, run totally to plan but you can reduce your chances of encountering problems and enhance your experience by taking the time to organize yourself before you go.

Before you take the final plunge and make any decisions about employment in a developing country, it is wise to follow some simple, yet effective precautionary measures:

1. Research

  • Thoroughly research the area that you are thinking of relocating to. Visit libraries and search websites.
  • Learn of few phrases in the local dialect of your new home-to-be.
  • Consider ALL aspects of your intended country: the culture, customs, religious beliefs, laws, standard of living, health provisions, crime rates, demographics etc.
  • Follow all the available, precautionary advice regarding health care and personal safety.
  • Always adhere to the local rules and regulations.
  • Remember that criminal sentences can be very harsh in developing countries.

2. Visit your medical practitioner BEFORE you go.

  • Check out the specific requirements regarding vaccinations.
  • Important vaccinations may need to be taken over the course of a few months or even a year.
  • Never travel to faraway countries without first, receiving ALL of your required vaccinations.
  • Diseases like malaria are not picky but are fatal.
  • DON'T take the risk and become another statistic of chance.
  • Seek advice on which medical supplies you should and are allowed take with you.
  • Make sure that there are no restrictions regarding the drugs or preparations you wish to take.
  • Quite often, what seems acceptable in one country is totally forbidden in another, e.g. regular pain-killers containing opiates are perfectly acceptable in the UK but totally, illegal in Greece.
  • Remember ignorance is not a defence in the eyes of the law.

3. When You Arrive at Your Chosen Destination

  • Blend in with your environment and if in doubt, do what the locals do.
  • Give your body time to adapt to its new climate, introducing new foods gradually and taking sensible precautions against the weather.
  • Don't attempt to work in a developed country wearing your latest designer gear and brand name watch.
  • Remember that in a developing country an item of value could feed a hungry family for a whole year or more.
  • Don't make yourself into a target for criminals.