Career in Delhi

Indians see Delhi as the land of opportunity. There is a belief that if you loose a job in the evening you can land one in the morning. Such is the abundance of opportunities for jobs in Delhi. This is a place where employment is possible for all. There is work for everyone who wants to work, whatever be their profession or specialization.

The golden triangle of Delhi-Noida-Gurgaon a job seekers paradise

Delhi has the advantage of having extensions of the city through Gurgaon where most of the automobile manufacturing units are located, and Noida where the IT has made their home. Among these three locations, i.e. Delhi, Gurgaon and Noida a golden opportunity triangle has been created for employment for all types of people. Delhi has been an industrial city basically. In the last decade the IT has edged in and today it covers more opportunities than all the industries put together. To be fair, this is also because the IT industry has a very high attrition rate for which the vacancies are almost staying at a constant number.

According to a recent study conducted by Eco Pulse (Assocham Industry Chamber), New Delhi is projected this year as the leading IT job provider. Mumbai is on a close second, followed by Bangalore and Chennai in the third and fourth positions.

The best jobs available

Delhi is the home of many leading industries where fresh MBAs and engineers are absorbed yearly. All the large companies have a full fledged Human Resources Department which looks after the yearly recruitments.

Almost all corporates advertise at one time or other in the news papers for the vacancies that come up from time. In Delhi, there is a special recruiting team which will recruit every year from MBA colleges, engineering colleges and others depending upon their specialization.