Charitable and Non-Charitable groups

Working in the job market means different things to different people. Some would rather the opportunity to help others or work for something which brings benefits to others. These people will look to find a job in a non-profit organization. Before looking for a job with a non-profit organization, you should first understand what a non-profit is along with the two types of non-profits which exist.

Non-Profit Definition

The basic definition of a non-profit organization is an organization which is not created or maintained for the purpose of making a profit. There are two types of non-profit organizations:

  • Charitable
  • Non-charitable

Charitable Organizations

Charitable Organizations are set up to work in the public interest and benefit the overall population. In order for a non-profit to be classified as a charitable organization, it must provide one or more of the following services:

  • Bring relief to poverty, distress or disability of a target group or in general
  • Provide and advance educational opportunities
  • Advance or aid religious purposes or religion
  • Provide or advance benefits to the overall community

The last item is set to catch any organization which does not fall into the other three categories such as community clean up or animal rescue. Finding a job in a charitable non-profit organization is sometimes harder than for non-charitable groups.

There are a range of government regulations which charitable non-profits must follow to maintain their status.

  • Charitable organizations cannot promote political views
  • People who are in charge of running the organization cannot receive any financial gain for their role in the organization.
  • Charitable organizations cannot run for-profit units.

Non-Charitable Organizations

Non-profit groups can also be non-charitable. These groups usually aim to aid specific causes or issues. Some of the areas to find a job in this type of non-profit organization would be:

  • Political organizations - Amnesty International, political parties or political cause groups are examples.
  • Specific issue-oriented organizations - Greenpeace, National Rifle Association, SPCA or Red Cross are examples
  • Public Broadcasting Services
  • Public libraries

While these groups are not as strictly governed as charities, they must follow their own set of governing regulations such as:

  • Provide services not meant for monetary gain.
  • Have a voluntary base and organization
  • Use all funds for operational or goal oriented needs

Finding a job in a non-profit organization isn't hard since both types of organizations can have paid employees. These employees help maintain the function of the organization. Employees can be involved in almost any aspect of the non-profit, including raising funds. Funds can be raised using any one of the following methods:

  • Grants
  • Fundraising
  • Memberships
  • Providing goods or services for a fee.

While every charity is considered a non-profit organization, not all non-profits are charities. Non-profits can cover a huge range of issues, missions and services. Depending on your beliefs or abilities, you can find jobs in non-profit organizations in either charitable or non-charitable areas of the volunteer workforce.