Chennai Expected Salaries

Chennai has the level of salaries raised by the influx of the IT industry. Nonetheless, the lowest starting salary can be anywhere around Rs.2500-5000 (US-100) per month but can raise meteorically in a couple of years to double and even triple of the amount. Overall the salaries are on the higher side, because the place is an industrial belt required a high input of qualified engineers and MBAs who are used to the best things in life when it comes to payment.

The IT sector too has pampered their employees to the extent of no return where salaries usually start at Rs.10000-14000 (-350) and can reach the sky in a few years down the line.

The managerial of middle and senior level have a very comfortable bracket; but that is highly expected in a metro where the cost of living is also high.

The benefits:

The perks that come with each job is different. However, in Chennai you can expect a number of hefty allowance above your basic pay, which will include commuting allowance, health allowance, house rent allowance, telephone allowance, mobile set, lap top (as and when it is required by the job), car at disposal and so on.

BPOs offer a slice more in the sense that they have their night shift employees picked and dropped; they offer meals and snacks on the job and generally pamper their employees quite a bit.

Most of the time the allowance make more than the basic salary and they also include a lot of extra in-kind perks such as discounted meals, leave travel allowance (for vacation traveling), paid holidays, paid training programs for career advancement, etc.

In order to get the most of it, you will need to be well informed before the interview so you can bargain on what the factuals are. However, it is not really hard to get quite a few things in your basket before you sign on the dotted line.

The training opportunities the means to further your career

Training in Chennai is as necessary as is water to fish and air to man. Without additional training you not only risk stagnation in your job, but also risk loosing your job. The job-hoping is almost a trend in Chennai and both employers and employees have a very good choice bed to choose from. Hence, unless you constantly upgrade yourself, very soon you will be useless to the fast paced industry in Chennai.

Of course, most of the leading agencies actually have it in your job contract that every two three years you are supposed to go for up-gradation of skills either at your initiative or at your own, while most of the times the company will pick the tab. Nonetheless, there are places where the onus will be on you and if you are not proactive, you will find yourself at the wrong end of the stick.

The Chennai job market is highly fluid one, with very high turn over of jobs and at the same time a very high job-hoping trend. Here training is the need of the day, not a added whim or fancy.

Chennai has its own plus and minus points, but overall it is a wonderful metro, still very Indian in its context and culture, while it has managed to pull in the Western concept of professionalism and perfection in the work. The best blend of East and West!