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A career in the development sector: Chennai has other avenues to fill besides the IT, MBA and Engineers vacancy. With the sweep of the tsunami, there has been a massive mushrooming of NGOs (Non-Governmental Organizations) in the region; some good and some not so good. The point is, that if you are among those who ache to do something for the less privileged, this is your chance. There are leading NGOs such as World Vision, CRY, Banyan, Jeevan, Darshan, etc which do excellent work. There are a number of international NGOs as well as United Nations volunteers at work in the tsunami hit areas, where you can make your presence felt, if you need to join the cause. Unlike the popular belief that NGOs pay low salaries, actually the NGOs today pay commensurate to your experience and expertise. They seem to appreciate more and more professionalism and are ready to pay for it.

So, if you are looking for a career in development work, Chennai will offer you an excellent platform; whether you are an IT expert, or an MBA they will be able to use you well, provided you want to cross over from the corporate line to the developmental sector. The only thing that you should be aware, that life in an NGO, if you really want to work conscientiously, is hard and many times seems to go un-thanked. You have to be tough and focused to be able to hang on in this land; and it is also important that you are physically fit.

A career in film industry: Chennai is one of leading centers of film producers in the country. The South is actually churning out a much higher number of movies than their counterparts in Mumbai; only they are not as well known throughout the country, but limited to the South market.

A job in the film industry is a wonderful opportunity to fulfill all your creative dreams, as well as plan for an opportunity to broach on to the next plane, in Mumbai. The pay is good, but the work is very hard, though the glamour involved will most of the times blind you to the hardships of this profession. Even small actors and dancers can get good breaks provided they have continuous work, and they are committed.

In case you are looking for a career in film industry it is better that you prepare yourself in one of the many acting schools in Chennai before launching yourself. Another good way to get into the movies, is by starting a modeling career first.

There are a number of professional photographers who will make an excellent portfolio for you whether you are a boy or a girl; then you can take the portfolio and visit the leading ad agencies (which are in plenty in Chennai) for a break. If you get into modeling, then offers for movies will come your way even if you do not look at it.

For those who wish to apply directly to the companies, you can definitely do so. Many companies advertise on their own websites when and what vacancies they have. It is good to apply directly, though a placement agency will help you better.