Computer Science Internship Tips

Computer science internships are a necessary part of a career in computer science. They’re also as potentially very confusing as choices, and you really need your wits about you when checking them out.

The best overall concept for considering computer science internships is “applied self interest." Computer science is one of the most fluid, dynamic, and constantly changing areas of study, with multiple career options at all levels. It’s best to use your own interests and goals as the defining factors in approaching the internships. 

Finding an Internship

Computer science will probably also require you to do more than one internship or traineeship through your qualification period and entry level stages. It’s advisable to develop some working principles for finding what you need despite the job boards. You can devise ways to avoid the tens of thousands of internship advertisements you don’t even need to see, and concentrate on your preferences.

It’s best to avoid the job boards entirely, and concentrate on industry and academic sources instead for finding your internship.

  • Industry leaders: These are the best internships by far. They’re well structured and planned, and you can see their value at a glance. These internships are the standard you should try to achieve if at all possible. In computer science, where you did your internship can be a significant positive entry on your resume. The quality of the work and guidance is also very high, involving leading edge technology and software, not just standard systems.
  • Academic sources: Colleges are a natural focus for internship providers. If you miss the career fairs and job fairs, the literature will find you. This is really recruitment advertising, and should be considered as such. But your built in professionals in the college will be able to give you a reliable assessment of anything you show them. 

Internships and qualification levels are also issues:

At undergraduate level, you will find a truly vague assortment of possible internships, with or without any reassurance regarding their value. You need much more than a brochure. Make sure you get at least one unbiased professional opinion, check out the internship providers, and above all confirm the academic values and credits of internships at this level. Do not tolerate any internship which doesn’t deliver.

Postgraduate internships are less of a raffle, but the possibility of wasting plenty of time and patience remains. Stay focused, and hunt down the internship you need that will do what your career goals demand.

Internship Tips

Some internship providers, particularly the industry leaders, can give you a real head start in your career. They can also give you valuable experience in the industry, and invaluable exposure to the realities of working in the industry in your preferred field.

The best internships can be modeled to cover your needs very well, particularly if you’re prepared to do some extra work. This is where the “applied self interest” really pays off. If you show an internship provider commitment, you’ll find that the professionals respond very positively, and can help a lot.

This also reduces the usual limitations of internships which will stick to the basic format unless you show some initiative. You can get a lot more out of a good internship on this basis.