Courier Job Search Tips

Courier job search can be a series of choices and types of job. These jobs vary a lot, and they can be very hard work, demanding a lot of time and skills. Courier jobs can be excellent, however, and there are some types that are excellent business for experienced people.

Some of these courier jobs pay extremely well. They’re good resume material, too, when going for jobs. They have a high level of responsibility and skills, and they pay accordingly. Some also have supervisory role potential and other useful career options.

Courier Job Search Online

The problem with an online courier job search is that there are a lot of jobs in the general bandwidth of “courier” jobs. Some are basically commercial deliveries; others are the business courier job type. Specialist courier jobs like medical are another subspecies of the job classification.

The big job boards, however, can be a problem in themselves. The broad categorization can get in the way of getting useful search results. To get the best out of them, it’s advisable to use qualifiers like types of goods, a sector or other specific search terms to offset the general “courier” search effect.

In most cases, some additional qualifiers, like salary or location, will get rid of unwanted search results. Cutting down numbers of results will save hours of semi-patient wading through the searches.

There are specialist sites for all types of transport work. is a useful benchmark site for finding courier jobs. This site has a specific category for courier jobs, which saves a lot of time and effort compared to plowing through the general job boards.

Targeting Courier Jobs

The job you really want is the best focal point for a job search. Qualifiers are also good for pinning down the best jobs in your preferred area of work.

For example:

  • Courier + medical
  • Courier + radiology
  • Courier + business
  • Courier + legal
  • Add salary: $30,000 +
  • Add location: New York
  • Add location: Brooklyn

With such qualifiers, you will avoid getting a search result containing everything called a courier job in the whole of New York. Location searches are particularly important in this business because being expected to drive around the world is a typical problem. A territory is one thing--a whole state is another.

In big city courier jobs, the realities have a tendency to define job quality. It’s worth keeping that in mind in your job search because some courier jobs are all big city traffic driving. If you can get a better job without the city traffic nerves situation, it’s a better option.

Not in the Job Ads: Courier Contract Jobs

An important option for couriers is the contract business. These contracts are usually in the "Business Opportunities" section, not the job ads. If you’re an experienced courier, these can be great contracts. You’re also working for yourself, which appeals to a lot of couriers.

If you try this approach, keep these points in mind:

  • Make sure you’ve got the contract well organized. You can get some legal advice about this and just do a standard “pick up and deliver” contract.
  • Insurance is something you must have. It’s cover against liability that can be a serious hit on a business.
  • Have all your costs fully covered, too. Running a courier business can cost a lot when you’re operating a fleet.

Get it right, and you’ve got yourself a great courier job.