Create your own job

One of the realities of the job market is that if you're looking for a job, sometimes there just aren't any jobs around. This is where the script for job hunters doesn't seem to apply, and it's where you need to start thinking about making a job for yourself.

No job, so make your own is really a survival system. If you have a skill or talent you can turn into a moneymaking proposition, start thinking about how you can generate some paying business for yourself.

This will be something you can do where you can either sell products or services, and do all the business side yourself.

If you can't find work, make some. Creating your own job can be very rewarding, and it can be a lot of fun, too.

Your DIY job may well turn out to be something you've always wanted to do.

It's not at all uncommon that people find out the hard way what they should have been doing for a career.

Sometimes it takes decades to realize something which is so obvious in theory, but always seems to have reality getting in the way.

Making your own job

Creating your own job brings with it a few issues you really do have to be absolutely clear about in your own mind. The obvious starting point is what skills do you have which can be turned into paying propositions?

You'll find you do have a few skills where you can at least create an odd-job market for yourself, getting commission work, projects, it's a respectable range of possible opportunities.

To turn that into a fully fledged job, you need to work on the commercial angles, and check out the demand for your work.

It's particularly important to see how other businesses in your line of work are doing. You need to know your market.

  • If they all look profitable, there's some room for competition, because there's obviously a good market.
  • If some are doing well and others aren't, there's a market for the work, but some are just doing better than others.
  • If all the businesses in your line of work look run down, or are shedding staff, probably not worth it, because the market isn't supporting the businesses.

That just means try something else. Looking for a job for your own business is a bit like normal job search, but it's a lot more exciting.

There are worse ways of making a living than being your own boss and making a success of your own ideas.

Creating your own job can be the best career move you could possibly make, if you get the business angles right. Always look around for real business opportunities, and look out for possible problems, even if you can't see any at first glance.

Don't overlook your interests in anything where you're a real enthusiast.

Sometimes it's like looking for a job in reverse. Instead of looking outside for a job outside, you're looking for a job inside yourself. You might actually have a dream career right under your nose. Some of the most successful people on Earth are people who've turned a hobby into a multimillion dollar business. Most started as fans of someone or had an instant affinity for a sport, profession or some sort of art.

The natural tendency is to learn more about subjects which really get your interest. You not only learn faster, you learn a lot more thoroughly. No detail is overlooked, and you get deeply involved in every facet of the subject.

That's why so many people seem to know more about their hobbies and interests than their jobs. They do.

If you have a subject or interest where you're absolutely fascinated about every aspect, that's probably what you should be doing for a living. Being an expert on just about any subject will eventually get you some sort of job.

Every once in a while, it will get you a really excellent job.

If you create the job for yourself, you could create not just a paying job, but your own industry.

A word of caution: Look out for this

Not everybody's a businessperson by nature.

Some people are born to be their own bosses. They just don't fit into a workplace unless they're running things.

But if it's anything to do with money, there's business involved.

Making your own job is a real challenge to your skills and ideas. It doesn't get dull, and it doesn't get boring. To succeed, you do need to know your business, and how to speak the language of business.

You may be a great artist or whatever, but it doesn't mean you can afford not to know how to read your own accounts and balance sheet.

You need to learn business practices, whatever you do for a living.

It's not difficult, it doesn't take long to understand the essentials, and you need to do it for the same reason you need to breathe.

It's a lot safer than not doing it.

This isn't a boring process, either. You'll find you learn a lot, and it's all very useful. On many subjects you'll soon find you're getting an employer's-eye view of the real business issues, and learning how to handle your own costs effectively.

You'll even be able to speak the same language as your bank, and have something to talk about.