Critical Care Nurse Job Search Tips

A critical care nurse job search needs some thought. Critical care is work for the highly skilled members of the nursing profession. This is a broad spectrum nursing role, and for the experienced professionals, the search is as much a matter of career progression and position as it is about finding a job.

The Critical Care Nurse Job Market

These jobs aren’t that easy to find, either. There aren’t too many critical care nurse jobs advertised at any one time, although they’re more frequent in the bigger cities. The need for specialization reduces the numbers further, so both baseline critical care nurse jobs and the advanced jobs are comparatively rare.

Critical Care Nurse Job Search Online

The job ads can look like a list of acronyms. Some ads simply provide the required qualifications and a link for applications. Some are a bit better, providing more information about the jobs and the workplaces, but they’re not particularly detailed.

That’s a problem for online job searching. The reliable search parameters are these:

  • Qualifications
  • Specialties (medical, cardio, neuro, burns, etc. Use acronyms like CVICU for quick searches.)
  • Location (This naturally edits the search results.)
  • Manager/supervisor organizational roles (These are useful qualifiers in terms of a job search because it’s often a categorized search in terms of the job site search engines.)

Specialist Job Sites

The large number of specializations makes a critical care nurse job search a pretty tough process, even by nursing standards. It’s advisable to cover all available job search options to make sure you’re finding everything suitable. The specialist nursing sites are usually better than the big job boards.

A good nursing site with a lot of extras is Nursing Jobs, a big US nurses-only job site that also provides a lot of useful information like lists of recruiters and staffing agencies, nursing news and issues. 

This site also allows you to post a resume online. Employers contact the site, which then passes on the inquiry to you. If you’re interested in the job, you can follow up.

Other Critical Care Nurse Job Search Options

Staffing Agencies

The best thing about staffing agencies is that they’re in close contact with employers and receive job ads before they’re advertised. It can be a simple solution to the job hunting process and has the advantage of being a good ongoing job search approach.

Note: Check out your local staffing agencies and make sure they specialize in nursing positions. Other types of staffing agencies don’t speak the sector language and can be inefficient.


Recruiters are effective in their local employment markets. For nurses, the city recruiters are a good job search option statewide. 


This is a good job search approach for senior critical care nurses and managers. The networking method is a good way of tracking job opportunities and definitely provides a lot more information than the job ads usually do.

Note: Nursing Jobs has lists of recruiters and staffing agencies, and you can search these local agencies online.