Critical Care Physician Job Search Tips

The job of critical care physician is one of the most important in the entire health care field. A shortage of these trained professionals has created a demand for their life-saving skills. If you are thinking of becoming a critical care physician, this article will provide some tips on how you can find a job.

Definition and Duties

First you should understand exactly what a critical care physician does. The field of critical care, also called intensive care, involves the monitoring and treatment of those patients in danger of death. Many cases involve organ failure, and it is the critical care physician's task to make sure the organs continue to function as the patient recovers. Much of the time, the patient is attached to equipment that keeps the organs functioning, and the critical care physician must make sure the equipment is working properly. He or she must also know when to withdraw the critical care treatment.

The critical care physician must work closely with the patient's primary care physician and other specialists to come up with a treatment plan for the patient.

Research and Networking

As mentioned earlier, there is currently a shortage of qualified critical care doctors. A little bit of research can help determine what areas of the country have the most openings available, if you are willing to relocate. Large urban centers will usually need a critical care doctor, but conversely, rural areas are underserved. Large cities will offer more money and amenities but also have very stressful working environments. When deciding where to work, each physician will need to evaluate his or her own needs.

Critical care physicians are some of the most highly skilled professionals in health care, with years of training and residency. During these formative years, you will make many connections with other doctors and health care workers. This is a ready-made network that can provide valuable career links and advice. Use the resources you already have available! The university or medical school where you train is usually a great source of job leads, and in many cases, it has a placement department that can assist you. This should be one of the first places you look.

The Society of Critical Care Medicine is the largest professional organization dealing with critical care treatment. As such, it is a terrific source of information about openings in the critical care field. The society has a branch anywhere there is a critical care department. The website has a section devoted to professional development that can help anyone looking for work in the critical care field.

Online Job Search

The Internet provides a convenient way to search for jobs online. Many websites can help you find health care jobs. One of these is This site posts jobs and allows you to post your resume and interact with other professionals.

Many job seekers are now taking advantage of social networking sites like LinkedIn and Facebook to market themselves. These can be a wonderful tool, but make very sure that you keep the personal separate from the professional on these sites.