Customer Service Job Search Tips

Customer service job search isn’t easy, thanks to the number of different types of job which are called “customer service”. You need to develop a few simple, straightforward ways of finding your jobs without having to wade through the pages of searches.

Finding a Customer Service Job Online

There are a few basic rules about finding a customer service job online:

  1. Do not use any generic terms like “customer service” or “call center”. You’ll get thousands of results.
  1. Don’t expect much searching job titles. Search job skills instead to find matches to jobs you can apply for.
  1. Use categories and qualifiers to reduce the search range.
  1. Use specific terms for your preferred job, like “hardware”, “wealth creation”, etc, anything which accurately defines your role.
  1. Think about a likely job description for your preferred job. What would you expect to see? Try searching that, rather than job titles.

Job Quality

Customer service jobs come in various forms. Some types of customer service job really don’t suit some people. That really matters in customer service, because these aren’t the sort of jobs where you can just do something else until the mood passes. Customer service jobs can involve some truly aggravating work environments.

Some customer service job are very good jobs, some are truly lousy, dead end jobs, good for paying bills and not much else. That’s one of the reasons for not searching the generic types of job, and creating a game plan to look for good job quality. Your job search can find you a career, as well as a job.

The actual job quality aspect is comparatively easy:

  • Consider everything you want in a customer service job.
  • Pick a salary.
  • Look for a position with obvious promotional and career potentials. (Like a sales job, check out where the position could take you in career terms.)

Alternative types of customer service job

Customer service jobs have a range of different forms, and some can give your resume a major boost by developing your customer service skills in other areas.

There are a few options you may want to consider:

  • Online customer service: These can be good jobs, available through middleman contractors who act like recruitment agencies. These can also provide a regular possibility of work.
  •  Temp agencies: Turnover in customer service jobs is usually pretty high, and there’s always something around if you know where to look. Better yet, get an agency to do the looking for you. Ring around the agencies to find specialists in your field.
  •  Virtual assistant roles: This is a whole class of job you can go for with customer service and administration experience. These aren’t called customer service jobs, but in practice, they’re often jobs that run on a very similar basis to a normal customer service job.
  •  Sales jobs: These actually are customer service jobs, but they’re classified as “sales”. Your customer service experience is crucial, and more importantly competitive, when going for a sales job. These jobs can achieve a lot for customer service professionals, because sales is a naturally related skill set, required for management positions.

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