Cvtips Internet Job Search guide

The internet is the defining reality of the workplace.

In some cases it is the workplace, where people earn their living.

We're a long running website, with members from all over the world.

Having seen some of the internet job hunting guides on offer, we thought we'd better do one ourselves, before people read the others and hurt themselves.

There's such a thing as being far too cute about job searching.

People looking for work don't need quaint little theories, they need help.

Honestly, you have to wonder how many, if any, of the people producing advice for job seekers have any idea of the sheer misery and hardship of being unemployed, and the kind of real human suffering and real despair involved in just trying to find a job.

You'd swear job hunting was one big singalong.

We see it a bit differently.

So do all professionals in the job market.

Employment is business, big business, and there's not a whole lot of cuteness involved for employers or employees, either. Billions are spent on employment, and it's being spent to achieve something.

The internet is a very convenient thing, but it's also dangerous, difficult and frustrating, and job hunters don't need more problems.

There are job scams, there are wastes of time galore, and there are things you should do and things you really shouldn't do.

People do get hurt on the internet. The risks are serious. Job seekers are at risk just answering some of the so-called job ads on the net. Some jobs are non-jobs, some are actually illegal.

This is a no-frills, no bull, and definitely no cutesy jingles, look at job hunting on the internet, not job hunting in Disneyland, or wherever those books are talking about, on whatever planet that may be.

If you're:

  • Having a hard time with your job searching,
  • Sick of reading endless blurb about how you can get a job with a crystal ball and a few nice folk songs,
  • Trying to get your job searches organized,
  • Tired of looking at the idea of getting a job as something like the afterlife, but taking longer,
  • More than irritated by the job sites, and the amount of time you have to put into searches,
  • And you'd like some practical advice when you need it,

CVTips Internet Job Search Guide is very probably exactly what you need.

Have a look, see what you think, give us some feedback, if you've got questions, ask.

Sound a bit different?

It is.