Data Entry Job Search Tips

Data entry job search is sometimes a test of patience and stamina. There are a lot of these jobs posted online all the time, and finding what you want is the main issue.

Finding Data Entry Jobs Online

The problem with many data entry jobs is that they’re often actually  part of another job which you may or may not be able to do, but they’re still called data entry jobs. Alternatively, they have “data entry” somewhere in the job description, but it’s only a small part of the job.

Data entry jobs are effectively administrative jobs. The job search needs to be based on a combination of data entry and the sort of admin work you’re trained and able to do. So a logical combination of terms would be “customer service + data entry”.

The trouble with a search like that is that both terms are too broad. You’d get everything in customer service and everything with data entry. You’d also get everything in call centers, which covers both angles. You’ll need to narrow it down to specific functions.

Use words like sales as qualifiers. This will still give you a fairly broad result, but the searches containing both terms will be on the top of the results. It’s  also a good idea to use the names of software systems you’ve used before, to reduce search result numbers and stick to data entry jobs in your skills area. 

Tips for Online Searches for Data Entry Jobs

Do recent job searches only. There are so many data entry jobs that you can wind up with too many if you search results for much more than the last week.

If you find you’re still getting too many results, use the categories, like locations, salaries, etc., to cut down the number of search results.

Don’t be surprised if you find your “data entry job” results include things like references to using Excel or Lotus spreadsheets. It is a form of data entry, but it’s an old system type of job. These businesses don’t use dedicated software.

Other data entry job options

If you just want to do data entry, or back room administration of that type, or even work at home data entry, and not do the other types of work, you can try data entry specialist employers. These employers contract out their data entry workforce to other employers, effectively outsourcing jobs of this type.

This is good option for people looking for jobs which can be used as bill payers, or jobs where time management is one of the main issues. These are “clock on/clock off” jobs, very straightforward, very simple, and there’s a lot of them.

You sign up with one of these employers, and you’re assigned work. All you have to do is be reliable, and provide good quality data entry. The advantage is that you don’t have to spend weeks or months plowing through the job ads. These jobs also come in very manageable time slots, so you can also do other work if it’s available by scheduling your way around the time slot.