Dealing with Foreign Employers in Interviews

In USA people are very business like and they demand 100percent from you during the working hours. Hence, in order tomake a good impression at the interview,whether for the visa or for a job opening you might keep in mindthe following:

  • Be very punctual
  • Be polite and to the point while answering a question
  • In case you do not know the answer say so, do not bluff yourway out
  • Speak slowly (space the words) while speaking
  • Give references to prove your credentials
  • Dressformally and pay a lot of attention to your grooming
  • Do not volunteer any information, unless asked
  • Do not sit unless asked to
  • Ensure that the CV is impeccablytyped, without spelling mistakes and with correctpunctuation

USA being a permissive society will not attach much importanceto whether you are married to your partner or not; but they willdefinitely look into the details of your qualifications,University from where you graduatedand the type ofexperience (ifany) and its relevancy to the job/ visa applied.

United Kingdom

Getting ajob in the UK is not that difficult as it is to get one inUSA. Moreover the officials are more open to Indians since thereis a historical background between UK and India. The points thatare mentioned for USA stand true for UK as well.

The extra point is that American English differs in many waysfrom the British English. Make sure you speak theirlanguage when you speak with them.

Australia and Canada too share the above points. The exceptionbeing that the Australians are more relaxed against your fluencyin English, and rather concentrate on the educationalqualifications and experience the candidate has, while Canadagives high emphasis on knowing Englishor French. The other points stand true here too.

South Africa

South Africa has both the society as well as the educationsystem very similar to that of India. Their rural developments aswell as unemployment issues are more or less like that of Indiahence, you will be made comfortable during the interview. Becareful though that they are quite strict about work and workinghours. However they totally freak out partying during theweekend.

Interesting job websites for international placement:

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  • -specially focusing IT, but it has advice for immigration, visasand so on
  • -showcases jobs in the Asian sub-continent
  • - goodportal for jobs abroad; also has information on travel, workpermit, visa and all
  • as the name indicates, it deals with finance related jobs - inUSA only
  • - thiswebsite will take you to a Canadian jobsite where jobs areenumerated for all over the world
  • - awebsite which advertises job for ships

Happy job hunting!