Dialysis Nurse Job Search Tips


The dialysis nurse job is one of the fastest growing professions in healthcare. The current increase in obesity has led to an explosion of patients with diabetes and other kidney problems so the demand for dialysis nurses has skyrocketed. This article will take a look at how you can get one of these sought-after jobs.

Definition and duties

A dialysis nurse may also be referred to as a renal nurse or nephrology nurse. In any case, he or she is a registered nurse trained in the care of patients whose kidneys have failed or are in the process of failing. The job includes running specialized dialysis equipment that filters waste products from the blood. The dialysis nurse also assists in educating the patient in how to take care of themselves.

Because of their specialized training, dialysis nurses are very well paid. However, they also often work long hours because of the shortage in their field.


A dialysis nurse has access to a wide variety of assistance in finding work. As a registered nurse, you can utilize the vast network of the American Nursing Association to find job leads. This huge organization is represented literally everywhere in the country where there is a hospital or clinic. If you are looking for a more specialized organization, the American Nephrology Nurses Association may be able to help. Both the ANA and ANNA have their own websites where you can access job information.

As a dialysis nurse, you have had a thorough nursing education. The nursing schools where you obtained that education can often help you with job placement, even if you have graduated. Most have placement departments with connections to hospitals and clinics.

If you are planning on relocating, make contact with the medical establishments in those areas to see what openings there are. Even if that particular institution doesn't have an opening for a dialysis nurse, they can likely help point you in the right direction. And they will also have your resume and contact information if anything opens up in the future. There is a lot of competition for dialysis nursing jobs, so the more effort you put into the search, the greater your chances of success will be!

Online job search

With the internet technology available to today's job seekers, you have access to literally thousands of ways to look for dialysis nursing jobs. One site specifically designed to look for nursing jobs is www.nursingjobs.org. This site is exceptionally easy to use and provides several ways for you to narrow your search. You can also post your resume on the site and even get tips on cover letters, resumes and other job-hunting information. 

The rise of social networking sites like Facebook and LinkedIn has created another way to find work on the web. You can use your own page as a kind of online resume. However, be very sure to keep everything on that page professionally oriented. Pictures of your friends and you getting crazy on Saturday night definitely do not belong there. LinkedIn is a social networking site especially designed for business purposes so that might be your best bet.