Economics Internship Guidelines

An economics internship can be a truly fascinating, as well as valuable, experience. Most of the work consists of assisting economics professionals and may include some important work involving major studies.

The Value of an Internship Program

These internships can boost the value of your future resume. Some are particularly good opportunities for you to experience top-level economics, like government research, commercial economics and financial economic dynamics.

If you're fortunate enough to obtain an internship in the U.S., you may be able to work with some of the world's leading economics experts and institutions, who are conducting advanced macroeconomic surveys, the literal cutting edge of the profession.

Take advantage of these opportunities to develop your skills in the areas of economics which you prefer. Your economics internship may provide a major boost to your future job prospects and provide you with unique levels of experience. You'll receive professional guidance, as well as learn advanced skills.

Finding an Economics Internship

You will have to research your economics internship. Because economics is such a diverse subject, you will need to compare the nature of any internships you find and your future needs in the discipline. If you intend to specialize in any particular area of economics, you should start in that area as soon as possible.

Economic studies are usually complex, and the operational methods are often quite different. The basic study support work is universal to economics internships, but the types of study and data vary enormously, and so do the analysis methods.

Some economics internships advertised on the Internet are of dubious quality. Seek professional advice regarding the selection of your economics internship, and only deal with reputable institutions. Make sure you're confident of the credentials of the internship provider.


Professional networking is particularly useful in ensuring that you get the internship you need. You can save yourself some time and effort by checking which institutions and experts in your field can assist you. Get to know professionals with good contacts so you can locate the best internships.

Applying for the Economics Internship

You will need to prepare thoroughly for the internship interview, which will involve many technical issues. Ask the provider regarding the nature of their work, and get as much information as you can regarding the specific requirements of the position. You may also be able to get examples of published works and other useful information, which are valuable in providing background.

Interviewing for an Economics Internship

Because the scope of economics internships can be quite large, the range of specialized interview questions is also large.

These are the areas for which you'll particularly need to prepare:

  • Study and analysis methodologies: Research the type of work being done by the internship provider. You will need to demonstrate a good working knowledge of the methods used.
  • Data-related methods: Economic analysis involves advanced techniques and sampling to obtain meaningful data. This can involve a required level of expertise. You will need to ask about the types of system, data collection and forms of databases involved.
  • Subject-related information: Naturally, internship providers prefer those with an existing working knowledge base. You should research the sector and related economic factors in advance to ensure familiarity with the issues.