Elevator Speech Samples

If you are having trouble writing an effective elevator speech, review the following samples. They may give you some ideas for creating your own interesting thirty to sixty second pitch. Each one is categorized to help you find the one that might best suit your needs.


I work for the biggest computer innovator in the world, helping to create new technologies and products that will change both how people work and the quality of their free time. From allowing people to be more mobile to helping them save time, we are allowing people to accomplish their goals while at the same time making their lives easier and more enjoyable.


A successful sales professional, I have over 15 years experience selling a wide range of products and services. I specialize in providing Fortune 500 companies with people to help them meet their training and consulting needs. I have the unique ability to quickly understand business challenges and provide viable, creative solutions.


I am a Business Development Leader who is currently looking for a challenging career opportunity helping a business or organization improve their bottom line numbers. Over the course of my career, I have helped the companies I have worked for increase their sales by 15 percent and cut their expenses by 10 percent.


We are seeking $50,000 in funding for our e-commerce website that sells construction boots. With no other companies serving this particular niche, we believe that we are well positioned to dominate this market. We offer a product that meets a need, especially since industry surveys indicate that a majority of construction workers would prefer to buy their boots online than shop for them in stores.


I am a marketing professional with a proven track record helping companies create promotional campaigns and pieces that result in a 12 percent improvement in new customer acquisition and a 17 percent increase in current customer retention. I have handled both small business launches and million dollar projects for large corporations, so I have experience at all levels of business marketing.

Web Page Design

With 8 years of experience in web page design, I have created over 50 web sites for a wide variety of business enterprises. I know how to create all aspects of a successful web site, from shopping carts to email opt in promotions. I also know how to ensure these web sites get top rankings in search engines like Google.


I am a writer and editor with more than 25 years experience helping companies and organizations create effective, error-free copy for their documentation, promotions, and other business correspondence. I have worked with large companies like Frito-Lay as well as smaller companies like Joe's Computer Shack, and have the ability to handle all types of business writing and editing projects.

These are just a few of the many possibilities you have for elevator speeches. All you have to do is modify them for your particular job and industry to make them your own. Notice that the more specific you are about your accomplishments, the more effective your elevator pitch will be. Also, remember that no matter how good it sounds on paper, you will still need to practice and perfect saying it out loud so that you can deliver it smoothly when you are talking to someone else about what you do.