Emergency Room Nurse Job Search Tips

The emergency room nurse job is one of the most critical in all of healthcare. It is also one of the most in-demand. This article will look at some of the ways an emergency room nurse can find employment in the profession.

Definition and Duties

An emergency room nurse is a registered nurse who must be prepared to quickly assess and treat major injuries at a moment's notice. They may be called on to handle victims of traumatic situations like car accidents, shootings, fires and natural disasters. The job involves long hours and extreme stress. A calm demeanor in the face of trauma is a necessity. Because of the special qualities an ER nurse possesses and the critical nature of the work, experienced ER nurses are always in tremendous demand.


An emergency room nurse is part of a vast network of registered nurses. As such, there are many resources available to help an ER nurse find work. Nursing organizations can provide support and assistance for a job search. The largest organization specifically for ER nurses is the Emergency Nurse Association or ENA. The ENA is a great source of information about potential ER jobs. Similar organizations are the Society of Trauma Nurses and the American Association of Critical Care Nurses. They also can provide job leads.

Nursing schools and universities can also be sources of employment assistance. Many of them maintain contacts in hospitals and emergency departments all across the country. Most have actual placement departments specifically designed to connect alumni and students with nursing opportunities. These would be great places to seek out for help and advice.

If you are looking to relocate to a specific city or area, check in with the local hospital or ER department. If an actual ER position is not open, you may need to bide your time in another nursing position before one opens up. In large cities like New York, Chicago or Los Angeles, there is quite a bit of turnover in ER departments, so your chances of finding an opening there are good. But keep in mind that those locations are also the most demanding and stressful. Conversely, ERs in rural locations may not have many openings available.

Online Job Search

The internet provides a wonderful way for ER nurses to search for open positions all over the country, if not the world. There are literally hundreds of websites devoted to nursing job searches alone, but not all are equally effective. One of the best can be found at www.nursingjobs.com. It is extremely user friendly and you can use several ways to narrow your search. You can also post your resume and get tips on cover letters and resumes.

You may want to consider using social networking sites to "advertise" yourself. Many professionals have pages on Twitter or Facebook to help them find work. However, be very careful to keep your presence on such sites professional. Off-color jokes or pictures of your last big night out may not impress an employer. The LinkedIn networking site is one that many people use strictly for business or job hunting purposes.