Employment as a crab fisherman in Alask

One of the most lucrative of all the Alaska jobs is the Alaska crab fishing job which usually requires prior experience, unlike the other Alaska fishing employment that does not. An Alaska fishing job is one usually filled by a person who is hired as a harvester.

One advantage of being hired for an Alaska crab fishing job is that crab harvesters can make more money than the regular salmon fishing harvesters. The job of crab fishing is a higher paying job and a person is more likely to make money fast at this type of work. A person does not always start out work in a job such as this, however. Most crab catchers have to work their way up the line.

One advantage of being hired for an Alaska crab fishing job is that crab harvesters can make more money than the regular Usually they work at offshore jobs for awhile before gaining employment harvesting crab. However, if a person has already had previous job experience harvesting, especially if they have previous work experience netting crab, they will more likely to get hired for an Alaska crab fishing job position.

The amount of Alaska crab fishing job positions available often depend on the demand of the market, as well as how much of a harvest that an Alaska crab fishing company can pull from the sea. In the 1950s to the early 1980s the king crab industry was booming, and it was not as hard to seek an Alaska crab fishing position. Then after 1983, there was a shortage of king crabs harvested which caused a decrease of Alaska crab fishing job openings.

The king crab industry did pick up again later on, but not necessarily as high in the 1950s. The reason why is unclear, but is a fact.

Many of the king crab harvesters who were out of work had decided to secure employment catching salmon, halibut, or two other forms of crab available in Alaska. Two other Alaska crab fishing job possibilities as a harvester include working as a deckhand on a boat that catches one of two different varieties of tanner crab. The two types of tanner crab are the crab bairdi and the opilio. However, if a person still wants to seek employment as a king crab harvester, most of the job postings for these positions would most likely be located in the Aleutian Islands, and the Bering Sea, and at Russian sea ports.

Sometimes there is also Alaska crab fishing job opportunities harvesting Dungeness. This type of crab is usually harvested along the Pacific coast down to Mexico. Harvesters of this type of crab usually work close to mouths of rivers, and other places of shallow water. The Dungeness makes up the smallest percentage of the types of crabs harvested in Alaska. However, occasionally one can find work as a harvester for this type of crab.

Other Alaska crab fishing job openings posted are in the area of processing. The job of processing is usually done offshore, but in some cases is done right on the boat. It usually depends on the size of the company what the actual specific job descriptions are of an Alaska crab fishing job. The best thing for a person seeking either onshore or offshore Alaska crab fishing employment to contact each employer and ask what the job requirements, qualifications, and responsibilities are.

Some positions require little to no experience, such as the clean-up, slimers, and office staff, or machinery operators. However, no matter which Alaskan crab fishing job opportunity appeals to you the most, is beneficial to you if you ever had any aquatic work experience at all, either as a harvester or processor. The more job experience you have at sea, the more likely you are to find employment through an Alaska crab fishing agency or other Alaska fishing employment center.

Keep an eye open, and be diligent in your search for Alaska crab fishing job opportunities. As long as you can prove you have good work ethic, you will be able to find a job in Alaska before you know it. Do not give up.