Employment in Taiwan - Teaching English Jobs

There are many jobs for Teaching English in Taiwan. The cost of living is low, salaries are high and you don't need language certification or a degree for all the positions. Most English teachers are employed in 'cram schools' or 'buxibans'. These schools offer courses from elementary to university level. Teachers are also employed in private schools, by private companies, universities and provide in-home tutoring.

Teaching English in Taiwan at Buxibans

The buxibans have diverse hiring criteria. Some will only employ native English speakers with a North American accent, while others don't really care. Full time employees teach on average 80'100 hours a month at a rate of NT an hour. The work is demanding with a lot of preparation and cultural involvement, but the cost of living is low and with such a salary, you should be able to save and still enjoy a comfortable lifestyle. The best time to arrive is in the July-August summer break or during January when most schools close for observance of the Chinese New Year.

Teaching English in Taiwan at Kindergarten and Elementary Schools

These schools don't require foreign teachers to have ESL certification or previous teaching experience. The classes are small and have learners as young as 2 years old, so you will teach English at a rudimentary level. Not all the schools have English teaching material and you will need to bring some of your own material.

Teaching English in Taiwan at High Schools

The high schools expect EFL certification and the structure of education is more formal. There are on average 25 to 30 students in a class and you will have to prepare for oral and written assignments, conversation, dramas, and reading exercises. Hiring criteria is strict, and the best way to ensure employment as an English teacher is to contact the principals directly. They prefer native English speakers with a North American accent, and non-Anglophones have to pass the Test of English as Foreign Language (TOEFL) exam. The salary is NT an hour.

Teaching English in Taiwan at Universities

The minimum requirement is a Bachelor degree, or higher with EFL certification and English teaching experience. The pay is high but a lot of preparation is required. There are also students who study for the TOEFL in order to gain entrance to a university. Classes may include business people who want to improve their English skills. The salaries are as high as NT an hour.

Teaching English in Taiwan at Private Companies

Many private companies hire English teachers to improve their staff's English conversation ability. The salaries range from NT-NT an hour. Solid preparation is required and some business background may come in handy. Many of the companies require a test to prove your English teaching ability even though you don't need a degree.

Teaching English in Taiwan at Private Schools

An amendment to the Employment Service Law, which was passed in 2000, makes it possible to get employment at private elementary and junior schools. They require certification in English teaching. The following institutions provide information on employment opportunities:

Taipei American School
Human Resources Director
800 Chung Shan North Road
Section 6
(02) 873-9900

Morrison Academy
Corner of Arthur L. Westcott
P.O. Box 27-24

Teaching English in Taiwan through Private Tutoring

You can provide in-home tutoring but you must have a formal employment contract or sponsor, since it is illegal to work for someone other than the institution who sponsored you.