Environmental Engineer Job Search Tips

If you're an environmental engineer, your job search can be an annoying maze. The job boards typically put all forms of engineering together, and you then have the problem of matching your qualifications, skills and experience. The advertisers also don't seem to mind blurring definitions in job descriptions, making job board search engines somewhat useless.

Searching for Environmental Engineering jobs

The quickest and best way to avoid a generic search is to search terms which only relate to your type of environmental engineering. Specialist terms are particularly useful, because you naturally eliminate anything but related results. Efficient searching will rid you of the problems:

  • Qualifications are also useful if they include only the relevant discipline. Environmental engineers cover a wide range of industries, so some overlap is inevitable, but it does remove the unnecessary materials.
  •  A combination of both types of search has the advantage of getting the relevant results at the top, but may attract some extraneous results as well.

Job Search Issues

The next problem is separating viable jobs from those which are either below your qualifications or include career positions which are too limiting, or "sideways" career moves. Environmental engineering is a demanding career, and if there are lots of choices, there are also lots of better and worse options. Environmental engineers have many possible specializations, and definite preferences. The tendency in engineering jobs is to create hybrid, mixed role jobs, with extremely lengthy job descriptions, and that's a career issue of no small degree. The best career options will give you experience and expertise across your preferred bandwidth of operations. Check your search results, and observe:

  • The common factors in your best job options: In the truly hybrid jobs there will be a series of common requirements showing career paths. Bear in mind this is what the job market currently wants in your field. If you haven't gone for a new job for a while or are just starting your career, it's advisable to check these standard requirements out thoroughly.
  • The common elements in the jobs you'd like to get: These jobs are good markers for your career progression. You'll see a whole suite of common denominators, necessary levels of expertise and experience which will give you a career road map.

Other Types of Job Search

  • Networking: Fortunately, environmental engineers usually work with people in their professional networks as dedicated and motivated as they are, and these networks are very good sources of information. You can also work on quality control, checking out the terms of employment and working conditions.
  • Cold canvassing: Comparatively rare in engineering, environmental engineers may be able to obtain useful information, job leads and advice, because of their specializations.
  • Consultancies: These are excellent jobs in any profession and as a professional you can approach them directly. Experienced environmental engineers often start their own consultancies.