Evolving your job skills

These are the oncoming future of your industry, and they also bring with them whole new job concepts and skills requirements.
  • New products and related skills: Both of these are the current state of your job market. These are the skills that are in instant demand, and they're worth checking out as guides to future needs.
  • New marketing ideas: Marketing drives products, and products drive skills requirements. They're symbiotic, and very reliable indicators of what's coming in your industry, particularly when they're significantly different from prior practices.
  • Good developmental options: Developmental options are skills you can add to your existing skill set. Many of them are also closely aligned to the points above, at training level. You can get exposure to the current skills trends by training in these areas.
  • Important: Make the distinction between real trends and cosmetic trends. A real trend is being actually invested in, by everybody in the industry, but a cosmetic trend is really shallow; a short-term fad.

    Evolving your job skills can be exciting and fun. Skills development has some built-in safeguards against becoming a grind. As you develop your skills, and branch out, you not only avoid the mundane, dreary things, but you also put yourself in a position to achieve a lot more.

    For experienced people, this is a sort of recipe for job satisfaction, because the basic work isn't challenging enough. You also start seeing new opportunities, which is worth doing for its own sake.