Example letter for a nonprofit job advertisement

Looking for a job in the nonprofit sector is much like looking for a job in other sectors. When applying for a volunteering job, a cover letter should accompany the application or CV.

23 Wood Street
Pittston PA.

September 12, 2008

Prentice Hall
American Disability Coalition
235 8th Avenue
New York, NY 29439

Dear Mr. Hall

Recently I heard on the radio that the ADC is raising money to start a building remodeling project for low income handicapped individuals. I am wondering if I might join the staff of this project and use my carpentry skills

I have been a carpenter for over ten years and have qualifications and certifications in restoring older homes. My CV is enclosed.

I have worked my way up from apprentice level to managing construction crews. Lately I have been working with the Carpenters Union training new apprentices. Although this work is rewarding, I feel it is time to return to what I love.

I have been a volunteer helper for many years at a local youth club and still am. Occasionally I run workshops on various repair and maintenance topics. I also do minor repair work for older persons from the local senior center. I would like to do this type of work on a full-time basis, and your project seemed like the ideal opportunity.

After reading your annual report, I am very impressed by the work your organization is doing. I hope you will consider my application and look forward to hearing from you.

Yours truly,

Arthur Parry

Some of the points to consider in this example cover letter for a volunteering job follow:

  • Do your research to find out the name of the contact person
  • Find out some information about the organization
  • Knowing how and where you found out about the project or position you are applying to
  • Keep the letter short and pointed

The reasoning behind the example cover letter for a volunteering job is this:

The address:

  • The name of the person in charge of the project (or the organization if the nonprofit is small) is always on the top

The first paragraph:

  • The first thing you want to mention is how you heard of the project or job.
  • Mention the project or job
  • Mention the name of the organization somewhere in the first two sentences. This shows you know what the organization is.
  • Ask to join in the project or job

The second paragraph:

  • State your work experience and your current position.
  • Give an example of something you like about your current position
  • Be sure to say something positive about your current position as this shows enthusiasm to working in your field.
  • Give an example of why you want to join the nonprofit organization

The third paragraph:

  • Give examples of your volunteer experience in relation to the position you are applying for.
  • If the volunteer experience does not reflect the position, offer an idea as to the understanding of your role of the volunteer experience.

The fourth paragraph:

  • Show that you know the organization goals and mission
  • Show that you have informed yourself as to the latest projects and goals of the organization

As in this example cover letter for a volunteering job you need to show positive intelligence about three things:

  • Your understanding of the organization
  • Your contribution to the organization
  • The experience you are bringing to the organization