Excel at Your IT Internship

IT internships are invaluable as career assets. In IT, where job mobility is the defining factor of career advancement, an internship can be a good first move in a series. IT employers value both experience and quality of career jobs. That's exactly what the right IT internships can deliver. They can provide excellent references and professional network contacts.

Finding IT internships

You have to find the correct internship for your chosen career path. Because some IT internships include specializations, it's advisable to shop around. It's particularly important to check with internship providers about their programs, and the content of the internships.

There are several considerations in finding your IT internship:

General IT internships:These are baseline jobs, good enough for all round experience, but not necessarily enough for some jobs in other fields, where other requirements and accreditations are required.

Big name company internships: These are excellent for your CV, and are always well structured. You're not likely to get "gopher" work, and you'll be dealing in many cases with up to the minute systems, another plus.

Specialist internships: Usually a "second tier" internship, requiring prior experience, unless your degree includes specific training in related areas. These are particularly useful for those intending to follow specializations.

Security internships: Good for this career track, but off target for other areas. Can be valuable for those looking at broad spectrum jobs who want a broad range of skill sets.

Interview preparation and practice questions

People will travel the world for good IT internships. This is an ultra-competitive career environment. That's why researching the internships is so important. You do need to perform well in interviews for these positions.

Preparation: Revise in detail the tasks and systems work in the internship. Concentrate on core tasks, so you can be sure of handling practical questions. Also revise basic interview Q&A. (We have several internship articles which will help.)

Practice questions: For IT internships, other questions, including motivational questions and some psychological questions may be expected. Research these types of questions so you understand their contexts and purposes.

Interview practice: Rehearse, if necessary verbally, your answers to these types of questions. The need is for you to achieve fluency in your response, which allows you to answer well, and provide better quality information.

IT Internship Tips

There are real possibilities for achievement in an IT internship. Don't waste them. Take advantage of the opportunities to increase your skills and gain experience in a range of areas.

Systems proficiencies: The main drivers of IT careers are proficiencies. Your selection of internship can provide important skills here.

Software and hardware: Interns can find themselves dealing with brand new software. This is a tremendous advantage in many areas of IT, particularly when this is emerging software. You can find yourself with skills nobody else has.

Servers: The workhorses of the internet, and the heart of a lot of IT work. If you're an expert on servers, your career will be very well placed.

Projects: Beta and other development projects are high value, high priority work in IT. Experience in this area can be particularly valuable.