Expand network base job search

You can expand your networking contact base by asking contacts the following questions:

Who do you think are the best companies and persons to contact for a job in my field?

They will normally provide a short list and you can enquire if they know any contacts in the companies.

Once they gave you the contacts, you can also ask if they would be kind enough to enquire if any positions are available at the companies. If they agree, you have an entry point.

If they don't want call the contacts, you may ask if they would mind if you say that they referred you.

Call potential contacts and ask their advice or input on your CV. Send it to them and follow-up. Once they have provided input you can say that you would appreciate it if they become part of your networking contact base.

Don't overlook these people for you networking contact base

People have a tendency to only look for contacts at large corporations and then miss out on the best and most obvious contacts right next to them. The following people are all potential contacts:

  • Fellow students, lecturers, trainers and teachers
  • Colleagues and clients
  • Club members
  • Parents of children where your child attends school
  • The person who exercises next to you in the gym
  • Fellow library patrons
  • Your bank manager, insurance broker, or estate agent
  • People in your fellowship group
  • The guy that camps opposite you at the state national park
  • Your neighbor, plumber, or computer technician
  • People in your reading or hobby group
  • People who share your interests or study or look for jobs in the same field as you do.

Keep your ears open for any opportunities that you can share with these people. Provide your contacts with leads and advice. You will be surprised how obliged they will feel to return the favor. You can ask the people in your networking contact base how they found their jobs or if they are still searching. You can ask who they have contacted so far. You may have missed a few companies and can use the information to get in contact with potential employers.

Your next step in building an effective networking contact base.

Get in touch with the previous years final year students. They are already at a workplace and apart from providing you with advice or information about possible openings they can also act as references.

The next step is to contact those people you don't yet know, but who have studied at the same institution as you did. You can get a list of Alumni members at your campus. Their loyalty to their old educational institution is your key for finding a job. Most of them will be too happy to help you find a suitable job. Contact the Alumni who work in your career field and set up a meeting. Ask their advice, recommendations and for contacts and information on job openings.

Get in touch with lecturers to build your networking contact base

Most professors don't have a large business network, but guest lecturers normally have. Speak to the lecturer after his presentation. Get his contact details and follow-up. Most of them work for a company, are consultants to a group of companies, or own a business. They know hundreds of potential employers.