Family Practice Physician Job Search Tips

Serving in a family practice physician job can be a rewarding career for the individual who enjoys caring for people of all ages. The job takes much skill, medical knowledge, and years of education, certifications, credentials, as well as taking continuing education classes to stay abreast of the ever-changing medical field.

The Role

A family practice physician has the ability to take care of the entire family from small children and adults to the elderly. They are up to date on current medical treatments, procedures and the like, as well as the latest in technologies.

In addition, a family physician is well versed on preventive medicine and can help the patient decide on the appropriate course of action they need to take for their specific health care concern.

Job Hunting

Finding the right venue to practice as a family physician is attainable through various forms of networking, as well as persistence and knowing where to look. From online searches to driving around your local neighborhood checking out family practice buildings will all hopefully lead to a career in family medicine.

Medical School

After graduating from medical school, you might want to stay in close contact with your peers, professors and fellow doctors and colleagues. They can keep you alerted to any job openings or opportunities that they might hear about personally or through the school grapevine.

Physicians Associations

The American Medical Association can be a valuable resource that all physicians can use for searching most anything related to their profession from helping with resume tips to job placements. Other associations such as the Journal of the American Medical Association have online job search websites as do most of the medical specialty areas that you are interested in.

Call on Hospitals

Visit you local hospital or clinic and meet with the medical director or human resources department to learn of any family practices affiliated with the hospital or clinic that might be looking to add a family doctor.

Smaller Communities

Even if you reside in a large city, check the towns and smaller cities on the outskirts that may not have a large hospital. There may be numerous family practices in the area that are looking to bring on a family doctor to its practice.

Your Own Doctor

If you have a family physician of your own, do not be afraid to ask if she has any openings or anticipates expanding the practice anytime soon. Let her know that you are possibly interested in joining the staff so when an opening does come, she’ll remember you.

Online Help

There are a number of hospital job websites that are designed to help those in the healthcare field who are looking for careers. Comb these sites as often as possible as listings change daily, sometimes hourly with openings that are posted by those hiring.

Ask Friends

Your friends and/or other family members most likely have a family physician, so ask them for names, recommendations. Then, call the office and ask if you can meet with the family physician or office manager. Inquire about future openings; share your experience, qualifications, and goals. Keep in contact with the people you speak with on a regular basis.