Film Internship Tips

Film internships can include some of the most interesting and valuable internships. It can allow you to work with many major media corporations. Fortunately for the real enthusiasts, there’s a very wide selection of internships across the range of the industry, which can help build very good career credentials.

When looking at internships in this industry, you have to map your way through the maze of possibilities. The selection of internships can be bewildering and frustrating. The main need is to have a very clear idea of what you’re trying to achieve in your career, and the qualifications and experience required.

Types of Internship

If you’re a media person or a student, you will know that the movie industry requires a strong foothold on many different lines of work. These internships can be used as good training experience and good resume material when you start working in the industry.This is a selection of film industry internships, to illustrate the issues:

  • Film internship
  • Behind the scenes production internship
  • Post production internship
  • Summer internship
  • Administration and management internship
  • Development internship
  • Writing, production and creative internship

How To Get Maximum Benefit From Your Internships

The good news is that media studies and media professionals can work their way through internships progressively. This is where internship selection has to be planned effectively. A film industry career, and all media studies, require appropriate levels of experience. The best approach is to stage your practical work in concert with your career and qualifications:

  • The summer internships, for example, are very good lead in experience. They help you to navigate through the industry areas, and you can also get very useful advice and guidance from the professionals. 
  • The introductory production internships are particularly valuable in finding your bearings in this huge industry. The practical experience is a very direct way of learning the realities of the industry in this vital area.
  • Administration and management is an absolute essential. These are areas you will need to understand thoroughly during your career. This is the business end of the industry, and it’s also the driving force of the production areas.
  • Development, writing and production is the “back room” area of production. This is also the problem solving zone, a more advanced area of production management in which you can learn the skills of the experts first hand.
  • Post production is another essential. This is the real product creation. It’s demanding, time consuming, and is where the professionals are usually at their best, working with the production materials.