Find International Jobs in the USA

International jobs in the USA can cover the entire spectrum of employment. In many cases the jobs are also the peak jobs in a whole range of global industries. Working in the United States  is the best way up the career ladder in industries like media, science, technology, finance and the arts. To succeed, you have to compete with the best in the world, and win.

Important issue: Legally working in the USA

Work permits:  Make sure you're on the right side of the law and legally entitled to work in the US before you even enter the country. Do not, ever, make the very costly, unnecessary mistake of working in the US without the correct documentation. The Green Card is the common denominator for foreign workers, and it's a simple process to get one, even if it takes a while. Other forms of legal entitlement to work include residency and formal immigration. Check with your local US embassy about requirements.

Managing your move: After getting documentation, plan your movements for interviews, accommodation, and personal affairs. Do your homework in advance so you can function effectively when you arrive.

Finding international jobs in the USA

The USA has a particularly large, efficient, fast moving job market. There's a high turnover of jobs, particularly at graduate level and beyond. Jobs are easy enough to find:

Job boards: The big job boards like CareerBuilder, Monster, craigslist and others are all American sites. They cover all forms of US employment. You can make detailed searches, even down to preferred localities.

Niche job boards: These sites specialize in particular areas of employment.  if you search for your job description in any major type of employment or industry, you'll find several sites specializing in that field.

Recruiters: Most major US recruiters advertise nationally. Their ads are a good indicator of their specialties. If you see a recruiter specializing in your line of work, it's worth contacting them for information to see what they can do for you. Important: They can also advise regarding employment of foreign nationals. 

Employer sites: Many major employers run their own careers and job advertisements on their sites. Direct contact with employers is a very good way of checking out US application requirements and how things are done.

Understanding the US job market and career prospects

Job mobility is a way of life in US professional careers. The USA effectively invented modern careerism, and the methods of career advancement. This is perhaps the most competitive employment market on Earth. You need to know how to navigate your career in the US environment, and do it well.

There are several ways of learning how to manage your career advancement:

Career counseling: As a foreigner, you may need career counseling, to get properly oriented.

Industry sources: This industry-specific knowledge is invaluable. There's plenty of helpful information available from industry sources and colleagues who can help you deal with demands of the US professional job market. 

Academic advice: Qualifications are an essential asset in the US job market. Academic advisers can be very good sources of information in this area.