Finding a job in a call center in India.

With the advent of outsourcing, Call Centers have started mushrooming in India, especially in Bangalore , Chennai, Coimbatore and Hyderabad. Along with the increasing Call Centers, there is also an increase in the number of Call Center training institutions. There is a heavy competition among these Call Center training institutions. In order to survive the battle these Call Center training institutions promise a lot of benefits, they just don't stop with training the candidates in Call Center operations, they also promise placements in Call Centers, thus becoming employment agencies for Call Centers.

This new dimension of Call Center training institutions has helped them to gain double benefit. They make money from the students they train and also they get their commission from the Call Center that recruits their students. Since both candidates and Call Centers realize the importance of training in Call Center jobs do not mind to part with the expenses involved.

When you are seeking for Call Center training, you should keep in mind few basic points that will help you get your money's worth.

  • 1.The Call Center training institution that you join should be able to give you the skills that are required to handle a Call Center job.
  • 2.The institution should be able to neutralize your accent and improve your spoken English skills.
  • 3.It should use latest techniques in teaching English conversational skills.
  • 4.It should have tie ups with major Call Centers in India.
  • 5.You should find out well in advance whether you would like to be trained in Technical or Non-technical support. If you are trained for technical support, the call center should employ qualified professionals.
  • 6.After the training period the call center training institution should provide you with some form of certification for the training you have undergone.
  • 7.If they give 100% placement guarantee, you must check it out with worthy references before you invest your money and ensure that they really keep to their promise.