Finding an Internship

You have just graduated out of college; it is your first job and your employer asks if you have had any work experience before. Yes, today most organizations, expect their employees to have the primary knowledge about the industry and some hands-on experience on the field.

The only thing that would come to your rescue at this crossroad will be the internship that you had taken up during those mid-term breaks.

Now, internship would not approach you, it is you who must find an internship for yourself.

It is not as difficult as landing in a job of your choice; however an internship can definitely make it easier for you to land in a job of your choice.

So, here is how you could go about finding an internship for yourself.

Alma-mater caters - Check up with your university or college if they have been approached by companies with summer projects or a short stint for the students with their company during the fall.

Teacher's pet, is that you? - Professors can be of great help in finding the right internship. Why, you could probably even assist your professor during your mid-term break. Your faculty, coupled with advising you right, can also put you through the right source.

Acquaintance Assists - No more than six degrees is what separates or should I say bonds people. Approach your family, friends, relatives, et al for contacts and sources. It always helps a little more when an acquaintance refers you to someone.

Career Canopies - Career fairs have become a frequent event. Keep vigil for such similar events on newspapers and magazines where they are widely advertised.

p>World Wide Web - Each one of us has a direct access to the Internet. There are numerable sites that provide information about companies and their profiles. Internet gives us the freedom to roughly have a glimpse of the companies before choosing which one would be ideal for an internship.

And last, but not the least is to plan your internship well in advance, so that you can find the internship of your choice.