Finding work in chennai

Chennai is synonymous with South, with the sea with dosa, sambhar and idli and of a lot of IT based jobs. Chennai, if you see it from the eyes of the students or an unemployed youth, or a middle level professional it is a place where you get an abundance of engineering jobs and IT jobs. Somehow, people who find Bangalore too competitive, take refuge under the wings of Chennai. Here the IT business is booming like all over the country, but somehow the break-neck competitiveness of Bangalore and Delhi is not so fierce.

So much so that Chennai is seen as the alternative to human resources requirement of Bangalore. Chennai has excelled at adapting to the IT onslaught by absorbing the rise of employment rate without changing too much in its ambiance and overall tradition; unlike Bangalore which was already cosmopolitan and after the IT boom, it has become a mini USA.

The major opportunities lurking in Chennai

While Bangalore has concentrated its strength upon software programming and cultivating of rare IT skills, Chennai on the other hand has established a name for itself in application services, with emphasis on banking and finance. Chennai today take in about 40 per cent of all-India IT jobs which is indeed a huge chunk.

The employment rate has gone through the roof in Chennai also due to the fact that in and around Chennai graduate engineering colleges spew out some 65-70 thousand engineers (college graduates) annually. There are four major players in IT in Chennai, i.e. Infosys, HCL Technologies, Satyam Computer Services and Wipro Technologies each of these giants are preparing Chennai specific agendas for the next five years. Other giants like Tata Consultancy Services and Cognizant also are gearing up to a steep growth in head hunting in the coming few years.

The IT players are closely followed by jobs in the engineering field as well as the MNC putting high on the list of recruitment in the next five years at least.

The best jobs available - you do not need to be a technical person to get into IT Sector

The best part with Chennai is that it has adapted to its needs rather than to the demands as other metros such as Delhi and Hyderabad have done. Hence, those who are not in the technical line too can join the bandwagon as easy as those who are. There is a very high demand for jobs in the IT sector but there is a steep growth in the functional associates as well. Specialization in health care services, banking, etc has been well received in Chennai. The ratio of a techie to a non-techie is about 1:30-45 which is a great jump forward compared to 1:80-100 just a few years ago. This is where the high absorption of MBAs are entering the picture.

There are giants such as Cognizant, Sundram Infotech Solutions, Tata Consultancy Service and iGate Gobal Solutions among others who vouch that today the clients need a little extra than just a software solution. The salaries too will reflect this trend having a raise of 20-30 percent more than what engineers with the same amount experience would command. MBAs hence usually join in higher ranks are in demand when they have at least 2-3 years experience; they join as Analysts and graduate fast (within a few years) to Directors.

The demand is growing for MBAs and the like side by side with the engineers because Chennai is answering to the demands of a market which does not want only a straight forward client-vendor equation, but a functional expertise that shares the risks of outsourcing half way. The plus point is that these functional experts take to the IT field like ducks to water; they just a bit of orientation that usually is imparted on the job, or pre-job for 3-6 months; and things kind of just fall into place.

One of the fast emerging jobs in demand is the software tester. This profession is exciting and on the rise because the IT is throwing up a number of various software which are platform-dependent and hence they require specialized personnel on that particular platform. However the software tester will be hired without regard to what platform the software is available. This job has an exceptionally fast raise in ranks; a trainee will reach the level of test manager within 5- 6 years with his salary 5 times the starting amount. There are two major lines in this profession, one is technology expert and the other will be the domain expert. Both the areas have an extremely high demand, which is going to rise in the next 5-10 years in Chennai. The starting salary can be Rs.2 lakhs (US).