Food industry jobs

This is one of the biggest job markets in the world. Food industry careers take in the whole spectrum of supply and demand. The food industry is one of the most complex industries on Earth. It involves everything: primary industry, patent law, production technology, food technology science, marketing, retail, wholesale, and distribution. Every bit of food on Earth, except maybe from a home garden, is part of the global marketplace.

If you're interested in the food industry, you first need to decide where you want to start your career. The main streams are management, distribution, production, and technology.

Management: This is a management qualifications scenario, but with a lot of specializing in the food industry, including food regulation, marketing, food industry franchising and a lot of law. The food industry isn't like other industries, and it's a case of learning the industry, as well as management.

Distribution: This is an actual business science, based on practical market economics. In this case it specializes in the food industry's major moving parts, including logistics, supply chains, shipping, import and export, freight, and other important localized parts of the food distribution networks.

The familiar business end of the distribution process is the actual sales end, where food comes on the market to retailers and wholesalers. This is a major employer in the industry, and is where most of the mainstream job market is focused. Jobs range from management to retail sales.

Production: This is a highly advanced area of employment in developed countries, and jobs are focused on industrial production techniques, ranging from the modern version of traditional production line jobs through to technicians and systems engineers.

Food technology: Food technology is based on everything from genetic science to new biological technology, chemistry and new methods of food preservation. The list of food technologies is growing in a hurry as new foods are added to the world's shopping lists every day.

Checking out careers in the food industry

There are plenty of professional sources to help you check out your opportunities in the food industry:


  • Business management colleges can tell you about specialization in the industry
  • Industry web sites (particularly industry associations) have plenty of information and background, with professional contacts


  • Business colleges are the best sources for qualifications
  • Industry web sites and associations are the best for current information about the employment market
  • Industrial colleges specializing in production
  • Technical websites and publications deal with the current and emerging technologies and issues in the industry
Food technology:
  • The biological, chemical and genetic sciences are all college based. Speak to your college about specialization in food technology, which is a separate stream, but related to these primary studies
  • Scientific sites, magazines, and the scientific news sources are your best sources for current information

If you're looking at a career in the food industry, you can expect to learn a lot about how the world operates. It will be worth it.