Forensic Nurse Job Search Tips

A forensic nurse job search is a sometimes difficult task. This is a big field in terms of demand for nurses. The nature of the work, which is based on criminal law and related cases, means that there’s also a lot of very complex work involved.

There are various classes of this type of work. For more experienced forensic nurses, the range of jobs advertised is frequently work for which they’re already overqualified, having done it in earlier stages of their careers. Finding the right job is therefore more difficult.

Forensic Nurse Job Search Online

Forensic nurse jobs are by definition specialist jobs. Finding the right job is basically a case of finding the right level of the specialty. Forensic nurses are highly trained in their field, and part of the problem is that many forensic nurse jobs are in standardized positions, like sexual assault cases. This archetypal forensic nurse job is essential and valuable work, but it’s also just one facet of forensic nursing.

An effective job search online needs efficient search methods. Forensic nursing includes a very wide range of skills that, when translated into search terms, can help find the right jobs. A typical forensic nurse job description is a good indicator of the types of search terms required.

Other typical forensic nurse jobs include:

  • Forensic psychiatric nurse
  • Forensic investigation nurse
  • Forensic nurse educator
  • Forensic nurse domestic violence
  • Emergency room forensic nurse
  • Forensic nurse pediatrics

There are specific combinations of terms in all of these roles. The word “forensic” is now generic on most job search boards, and so is the word “nurse.” So the term used as the qualifier is very important. “Forensic + educator” is an obvious combination.

Whatever search terms you need, use the technical term most appropriate for the forensic nurse job role, a term that must be in the job description and can’t relate to other jobs.

Specialist job sites, like the big US site, are invaluable for finding these roles. This site also includes a lot of essential resources on the home page, including licensing boards, RSS job feeds and other useful links.

Other Types of Forensic Nursing Jobs and Roles

Job searching can also be useful at a professional level in terms of seeing what the job market is doing in your preferred field. The forensic nursing field includes some very important areas of postgraduate work and work that is very appropriate for experienced forensic nurses:

  • Research: This is an important area of forensic nursing that is often left out of the job hunting equation. This is a particularly useful and productive area for the expert lab nurse.
  • Training jobs: This is a role that qualified nurses do as a normal part of their work, but in this case, it’s very important to the field of nursing as well. A forensic training role provides a chance to pass on experience and know-how to a new generation that will need those skills.
  • Consultancies: For the highly experienced, forensic nursing is also a role with applications in public health and hospital policy.