Freelance Accountant Job Networking Tips

A freelance accountant should be able to find numerous freelance accounting jobs as long as he networks in the right places.

An accountant is someone who usually prepares income taxes, financial records, and financial reports for corporations, as well as small businesses. An accountant is also certified or holds a college degree in financing.

Networking on a regular basis can result in landing freelance accounting jobs that may or may not lead to a permanent or full time position at a firm.

Find Large Firms

Contact large accounting firms in your neighborhood especially during tax season. At this time, there may be a need for extra accountants and this could be a way to get your foot in the door. Look in local phone books or online to see what firms are in or around your home. Contact the office manager or lead principal of the firm and try to set up a personal interview to share your experience.

Contact Smaller Firms

You might also have luck landing a freelance accounting gig at a smaller firm because they do not tend to hire more than a few accountants. This could work in your favor because there may be a lot of work but not enough accountants to perform the work. Call on the firm to see if you can schedule a time to come in and talk to them about a possible part time position.

Seek Government Jobs

Look into local government jobs like the city for possible freelance accounting work. Also try the state department or Internal Revenue office by doing a search on the Internet for locations.

On Your Own

Think about opening or starting your own accounting firm where you are the sole accountant. You can contact friends, family members or former colleagues to tell them of your firm and offer them your services at a discount rate. Advertise, market and send out pamphlets and flyers to announce your new business and offer an introductory discount to get them in the door.

Call Medical Offices

Numerous medial offices like clinics and private doctor’s practices often hire their own accountant to manage their finances. See if family doctors, plastic surgeons, clinics or health centers in your area is in need of a freelance accountant. Try to make an appointment to see the person who hires or contact the key physician for a one-on-one appointment. Bring your resume, CV, and references to share with the interviewer so they know how your expertise can help their business.

Join Trade Organizations

Contact local certified public accountant trade groups or local chapters who might meet on a regular basis. These groups tend to offer a membership that often entails mixers, meetings, seminars and other networking functions.

Peruse Classified Sections

Check your Sunday newspaper’s classified listings for accountant ads or go online and look at job boards under accounting. Be sure to check all classified ads on a regular basis for any openings as these listings change daily, or sometimes even hourly. You can also look in your mailbox at the direct mail magazines and other free mailings for classified listings.