Freelance Accounting Job Search Tips

A freelance accounting job search can be an excellent opportunity to start a fully fledged accounting business. Freelance accounting can pay extremely well.

Freelance Accounting Job Search Issues

The business angle is the primary working principle of freelance accounting. The freelance jobs can easily turn into ongoing work and create a business for you.

The typical clientele for freelance accounting businesses are

  • Local businesses
  • Professional practices
  • Family accounting business types
  • General accounting services

This is exactly the same thing as for a local accountancy business, but with freelance accounting, you can pick and choose your clients. That means you can cherry pick good clients through job ads and some other job hunting techniques we’ll show you.

The major issue in a freelance accounting job search is job value. That may seem obvious, but the fact is that some jobs are worth less in terms of time than others. A job that uses up 20 hours a week can be expensive. Carefully estimate the value of jobs you find.

Freelance Accounting Job Search Online

When searching for freelance accounting jobs, the word “accounts” can produce almost anything, particularly exactly what you don’t want, office accountancy jobs.

However, that’s not the end of the story. Some jobs, even if not presented as freelance positions, are potentially negotiable as freelance accounting jobs. You can investigate a range of jobs, but make sure they’re clearly suitable for your freelancing business approach. If you show the employers a positive value for outsourcing the work, you'll get the jobs.

These jobs can include the following:

  • Part-time jobs: These are suitable for freelance accounting in some types of businesses but not in others. You can approach the employer with an offer of services.
  • Project work: Projects are more flexible than other types of accountancy and may be suitable for freelance accounting.
  • Small business jobs: These are potentially very good clients for freelance accounting businesses. Small businesses don’t usually hire any more people than they need, so if you offer an accountancy service without the “salary” issue, they may find it a better offer.

Other Freelance Accounting Job Search Options

There are several techniques that can really build a freelance accounting business to your own tastes. These techniques include the following:

Cold Canvassing

A general approach to local businesses, particularly the typical retailer or small business that is awash with administrative work, will work quite well. These businesses need a reliable accountant, and they’ll also generate return business.

Pick and choose your potential local clients with care. Freelance accounting, like any freelance business, has to be based on what you’re able to do, and the “value” issue remains a major consideration. Don’t take on more work than you can efficiently handle.

Business networking: This is always an option for freelance accounting businesses, and it’s a potentially very good one. There are always a few accounting jobs available in business, particularly the seasonal overflow work during tax time and the reporting season. Your business contacts can also give you direct leads into paying work.