Freelance Advertising Job Search Tips

Working in freelance advertising can be a truly great career move. This is the real, essential advertising business at its best. Get it right, and you will make a lot of great contacts, get good jobs and accounts and set yourself up for life.

If you’re in advertising, particularly with agency experience, you’ll appreciate freelance advertising work in all its forms. This is the advertising business in microcosm, whatever area of the industry you’re in.

There’s a huge range of online options for freelance advertising work:

  • Copy writing
  • Graphics
  • Layouts
  • Media

Agencies and independent advertising people benefit from outsourcing these types of work. This is a very cost efficient way of doing business, and it’s good for anyone doing freelance advertising work because, if you're good, you can get a lot of repeat business from these people. 

Freelance Advertising Job Search Online

Finding freelance advertising jobs online is pretty easy, but you need to know your way around the job market.

There are several types of freelance advertising job ads and sites:

  • Bidding job sites: These sites apply to all areas of advertising content creation, including graphics, web design and media. The sites offer competitive bids for work. You give a quote and time frame for the work. In most cases, there’s a standard contract involved.
  • Online freelance writing: These are the copy writing jobs, often including web content, and you may also find that the job involves SEO work. These jobs are particularly valuable for creating good commercial portfolio material.
  • Please note: A good example of online freelance advertising writing sites, including the bidding element, is, a major US site. The site includes a very wide range of types of media writing and is well worth bookmarking for professional writers.
  • Major job boards: These are mainstream advertising and marketing jobs. These types of job ads now often include freelance advertising work. The good news for freelancers is that they also pay very well, and they have a lot of work. (These are also contract jobs.)
  • Specialist sites: Sites like are the bread-and-butter job sites for writers. Others are aggregators of industry job ads, and one bookmark can save you hours combing the net for jobs.
  • Employer sites: If you’ve got a particular type of work you’re targeting and want to build a really good business portfolio in a hurry, employer sites like advertising agencies and marketing agencies are excellent sites to watch.

Other Freelance Advertising Job Hunting Options

Advertising is a very high-paced, competitive business. It’s also erratic. There are other ways of finding work you should keep in mind:

Networking: To get regular work, you need a lot of options, and you need a good professional network of contacts. You will find you develop a very wide range of regular and occasional contacts through jobs. Keep track of these people for further work. 

Niche markets: If you specialize in a particular industry, niche market jobs are particularly good options. Areas like affiliate marketing, for example, also generate a lot of advertising work. If you’ve got a portfolio in this field, you can target the big affiliate advertisers and sites for jobs.