Freelance Animation Job Search Tips

Freelance animation is one of the big new jobs in media. It can be a real surprise, in terms of the potential for success, and it can be tough work, too. Animation is now one of the big money jobs, and this area is ferociously competitive in terms of the amount of sheer talent in the market.

The Work Environment

The freelance animation area is huge. Animation is wanted for a range of media, including

  • TV
  • Movies
  • Web design
  • Web content
  • Advertising
  • Marketing

Each of these types of media generates a lot of animation work. It may be animated graphics, cartoons, or complex multimedia work requiring you to build a full schematic from scratch.

Expect to do some strictly by-the-book work as well as the creative materials. This is an assembly line in many ways. Each part of the job is under scrutiny throughout production. This is very good experience if you're just starting out because the quality controls enforce good standards of work and you learn the market for your materials. 

Qualifications, Portfolios, and Freelance Animation Jobs

In these lines of work, you can expect to get thoroughly grilled by employers regarding your work. You need a strong portfolio, and qualifications that cover the entire series of media you're working with. You should be proficient in all major software platforms and be able to prove it with good quality work.

A case in point is 3D. This is the big animation zone, and it's attracting a lot of business for freelance animation work. The technical side of this work ranges from virtual clip art to highly technical modeling, including body marker software for motion. To get these jobs, you need to be able to show the employer very good standards of technical ability and some working examples of your animations in this field.


The rates of pay vary a lot in animation, and it's a good idea to be fully aware of competitive rates when you're starting out to make sure you get jobs. Your fees can go up as you create a solid reputation, but remember this is a competitive field, and you must have a solid track record in the industry for progression.

Freelance Animation Jobs Online

It's well worth checking out the online job market for freelance animation work. (It's also strongly advised to use specialist sites as a benchmark for the best jobs and easier job searching.) One of the big US freelance specialist sites,, is a good example of the "bidding jobs" for animation. If you read through some of the job ads, you'll find a lot of indicators of what the market is looking for, profiles of's big pool of talent, and some good representative work, which will show you the high standards involved.


Networking is the classic media job hunting method. Fortunately for freelance animation people, it's a great option for finding work. The jobs online are all contract jobs, but they're also good for repeat business in terms of creating a personal network of clients. Word of mouth recommendations are very common in the upper reaches of the media markets, and your clients can be the key to a very successful career.