Freelance Animation Jobs: Networking Tips

Freelance animation jobs can be a lot of fun, and you can make associations that will last a lifetime. That’s good news for freelance animators, because networking is an important part of the business side, as well as the creative side, of animation.

How Networking Works with Freelance Animation Jobs

Networking in any creative medium is a combination of associations. With freelance animation jobs, there are multiple natural networking links. For career purposes, these networks act as a quality control, as well as a typical business network.

Creative Associations

Creative associations are often the most productive, best networking associations you could wish to have. They could include these types of people:

  • Trainers: These are experienced professionals who can give you good guidance about your career moves and tell you what to avoid and what jobs to go for.
  • Production people: In the production area, your talents are your greatest asset. These people will actively go looking for you for jobs, when they’re sure of your skills.
  • Creative editors: The creative editors of media and online animation are also business people. They’re quite happy to outsource and to pick and choose who works for them. They can also give recommendations which will get you jobs.
  • Team members: The people you work with are a professional news grapevine. Colleagues and friends may also fall in this category. The exchange of information and ideas is always useful to everyone, and in career terms, you may be working with the very people you’ll want to be working with on other major jobs.

Business Associations

The business side is always interesting in creative media. Business contacts are diverse; they can include some people who are quite different from the creative network. As you progress through a series of freelance animation jobs, you’ll accumulate a valuable career asset with these contacts.

These networks may include the following:

  • Clients: Your freelance animation job clients are also developing their businesses. They are excellent business contacts, and they’re also your instant market sample for what’s in demand in your field.
  • Media management: This is the big league in animation, and media managers are completely plugged in to their demand issues. They’re also excellent sources of information in terms of job opportunities because they are directly linked to production. Media management is like a working map of the freelance animation jobs market.
  • Lawyers and legal advisers: Perhaps not your immediate choice of network contacts, lawyers and legal advisers are experts in areas which will become progressively more important to you as your career develops. They are also your best possible source of career guidance at the business end. They can deal with your contracts and make sure you’re getting good deals with your jobs.

Freelance animation careers are often based on networking as much as any business career. This is a media career, despite the “freelance” tag. Creative people need good contacts and good advice to succeed and achieve their career goals. You choose your friends. Choose your network the same way you choose your friends.