Freelance Article Writing Job Search Tips


The internet and its popularity has made freelance article writing a very popular job option today. Freelance writing includes article writing, content writing, copy writing, eBook writing, resume writing and re-writing projects etc. Even for a good writer, finding worthwhile freelance article writing job is a challenging task. With freelance article writing jobs, some positions are on-site, but there are many options available where the writer can telecommute and do the job remotely from home. And most of the freelance article writing jobs are internet based; so keep ready an electronic version of your resume, cover letter and samples ready for instant uploading.

Tips for Freelance Article Writer Job Search:

1: Finding Jobs

There are a number of freelance job sites where freelance writing jobs are also advertised. You can find ads for writers with specific-skills like ‘freelance article writer wanted–freelance copywriter wanted’ etc. Check out the latest ads asking for freelance article writers.

2: Cover Letter and Resume

Before starting the job search, you ought to have a professional-looking resume ready.  Your personal profile section can be tweaked to suit the specific job. But the resume must be ready to be sent almost immediately.

Have a great cover letter with a great subject-line to grab the attention of the selector. It should power-kick your career.
You should apply for the job within 2 days–if possible on the same day of advertisement. Time is of essence. With the amount of competition present today, many a time the selection is over within 24 to 36 hours of job posting.

3: Writing Samples

You should create a strong portfolio of your writing samples. The samples should reflect your grasp of the language, extensive vocabulary and narrative powers. Create samples on diverse subjects.

4: Beware Scam Jobs

Make sure that the work you are applying for is legitimate. Scam offers are aplenty and you should always check out the legitimacy of the job. Anybody asking you to send money or too high a compensation–these are indicators that the job offer may be a scam.

5: Writing Tests

There may be a written test to prove your language skills, grammar and comprehension, etc. There may be also a writing assignment to know more of your style, writing flow etc. Try to be prepared.

6: Application

Follow instructions explicitly. If instruction is for no attachments, then paste the resume and samples in the e-mail itself. It shows inattention and negligence if you do no pay attention to instructions of the potential employers.

7: Novice Writer

Do not accept too low a pay even if you are a novice and did not find work immediately. It is too disheartening to do creative work for very low pay.

8: Expertise

Make sure that the job is right for you. If the job needs technical expertise and you are not an expert, then you should not take up the job. Think well whether you will be able to do justice to the selection and you can write decisively and authoritatively. Write about what you know: choose topics that will showcase your skills and writing talents. Be enthusiastic and passionate about what you write.